Why CrossFit Empower?

Are you wondering if you are fit enough to do CrossFit?

Don’t worry. We were all new once, even the coaches!

We’re ordinary people, the same as you; ordinary people enjoying the results of an extraordinary program. Believe it or not, we started out just like you.

Do you want to get fit? Do you want extraordinary results? We’ve got the perfect program for you! No matter where you are starting from.

The Empower coaching team specializes in delivering the benefits of CrossFit training to athletes over 40 and special groups including the senior-aged parents and school-aged children of our members. At any of our group classes you might workout alongside members as old as 85 or as young as 10.

Many members have come to us broken, riddled with sports injuries. Others have no fitness background, were unsatisfied with previous training results or struggled with obesity. We have been able to help them improve their body composition, bounce back from injury and create results they never thought possible. We can help you reach your goals too whether it is getting your first pull up, fitting into the clothes you wore 20 years ago, being able to run again, overcoming a joint-replacement surgery, adding years to your athletic career, discovering your six-pack abs and the list goes on.
Regardless of where you fall on the fitness spectrum our program can help you move in the right direction towards health and skills that seemed out of reach!

Why Empower?
• Empower founder, Coach Corey, is the only Level 3 CrossFit Coach on Vancouver’s Westside and one of only two in Vancouver.
• We have the best retention rate of any gym in Vancouver! At Empower more than 50% of our membership has trained with us for 3+ years and
over 30% of our members have been with us for 5 years or more. This is because our approach to fitness is safe, fun and sustainable!
• We are Vancouver’s premiere gym for athletes over 40. 65% of our membership is over the age of 40, with 20% over the age of 50 including
many members in their 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s! Our coaching team understands the needs of aging athletes because most of us are in our
40’s and 50’s as well!
• Empower is a family friendly gym where Mom, Dad, Kids, Grandma and Grandpa can train together
• We have Vancouver’s best KidFit and TeenFit programs
• Our coaches and members have successfully overcome challenges with obesity, sports injuries and joint replacements. We know how to help
you overcome similar obstacles in order to achieve your desired fitness goals
• Your safety is our top priority. From the safest equipment including foam plyo boxes, to our small class sizes, to our thorough
beginner’s curriculum, the Empower team is committed to keeping you healthy and safe
• We offer personalized one-on-one training and coached group classes
• We have a great community with an engaging, supportive atmosphere that makes it easy to fit in. Coaches and members will greet you by
name every class.
• We maintain small group class sizes so you will continue to receive the coaching attention you need to continue progressing.
• We have the most comprehensive beginner’s program on the Westside to ensure your safety and success
• We have the longest hours and greatest selection of group class times starting from 5am weekdays
• We offer weekend classes and are open every day including all holidays so that you never need to miss a workout
• We offer Open Gym times daily

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