Why CrossFit Empower?

You are willing to work for results.  You embrace hard work because you know that there are no short cuts. You like to challenge yourself and enjoy being challenged.  You are committed to excellence, you don’t believe in “good enough,” you are always striving to be better than you were yesterday. You enjoy being part of a positive, high-energy community.  You value health, fitness, family and friendship and celebrating each other’s triumphs. You believe in taking responsibility for yourself, your life, fitness, health and happiness.  You recognize that complaining never produces positive results, you bring great energy to your relationships and daily activities. You appreciate being coached.  You recognize good coaching and the support of your coaches and community as an avenue to self-improvement. You are committed to fitness.  Obstacles will emerge but you will not let them get in the way of the commitments you have made to yourself. You value integrity.  You recognize the power that is possible when your thoughts, words and actions are in alignment.

With our proximity to the University of British Columbia we attract a few graduate and undergraduate students but in our group classes you will find more University professors than students because at Empower our focus is on fitness for older adults. The Empower coaching team specializes in delivering the benefits of CrossFit training to older populations and special groups including the senior-aged parents and school-aged children of our members. At any of our group classes you might workout with members as old as 85 or as young as 10. Our members come to us broken from previous sporting endeavours or having never exercised before.  Regardless of where you’re starting from, we’ve discovered that you can get fitter as you age! 

Empower is a Vancouver CrossFit gym with a different approach to fitness.  At Empower you will learn that fitness can be fun. That you can get better with age.  That fitness can be a family affair. That community creates success. That training with friends and family is more fulfilling.  That intensity does not mean injury. That everyone can enjoy this!

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