On Wednesday your workout will be three times eight hundred meters of running. If you are unable to run, look down below for some alternative options on the equipment and the B workout below. This was one I was dreading but with Coen’s gradual entry it fit perfectly into my training week. Running may not be your favourite but it is an important skill for you to practice.

For the zoomers we will find a fun alternative if you don’t have a running route. You may even want to try the B option. Previously this workout was done with negative splits as the RX’d and that may be a fun game for you to play this time too. Running is not going away and tomorrow will be a great opportunity for some road work.

Thought of the day

Months ago I listened to Teddy Atlas talking about boxers using their toughness as a crutch. He explained that the fan favourite fighter were using their physical toughness as an excuses to not get better  and work on their technical weaknesses.  This Idea was mind blowing and made me realize in just how many areas I have used the same crutch. There is no shame in taking a step back, and doing a different version of a workout if it will help you move forward in the long run.


Are there any areas of life that you are using your natural gifts to get a head? If so would taking a step back and working on the basics help you move forward? We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.




Warm up

15/ 15 Hip swings

10/10 Calf raises

Dynamic warm up


Run & Ski (800m)

Row (1000m)

Air dyne (1200m)

Echo (2000m)

Farmers Carry (200m)


3 rnds

800m Run

2 minutes rest


Optons B

5 rnds

200m Farmers Carry 35/50#

90 Second Rest

Cool down

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