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February 2020

Let Me Share a Secret


I know the secret to fitness.  People pay me money to discover this secret but I'm going to give it to you for free.  Applied consistently, it works every time.  And it's just two words so it's easy to remember: Show Up. That's it.  People who show up get fit.  Those who don't won't.  What [...]

Let Me Share a Secret2020-02-23T08:39:04+00:00

a Diabolical Twist on a Classic Benchmark


Congratulations are in order.  Yesterday we received word that Sprite, Pepper & Shades qualified for the scaled team division at the 2020 CanWest Games!  This brings our count to 17 Empower athletes who will be representing us at this year’s Sanctionals, a 41% increase over last year’s 12.  As Shades has already qualified as an [...]

a Diabolical Twist on a Classic Benchmark2020-02-21T13:34:04+00:00

Motor Miserable, Sprite Triumphant


Who knew the run & farmer's carry would prove to be such an entertaining workout?  Two basic, non-technical movements with little coaching opportunity, I was not looking forward to it just as I wasn't looking forward to standing outside in the cold and dark of the early morning.  But the Empower group classes turned this [...]

Motor Miserable, Sprite Triumphant2020-02-20T11:17:10+00:00

Stones and Strength


Another Tool in the Competition Tool Belt One of the biggest and most inspiring evolutions I have witnessed at CrossFit Empower is the growth in the breadth of members that have chosen to test their fitness in competition. The number of Empower members participating in the CrossFit Open and CanWest Games expands every year. [...]

Stones and Strength2020-02-21T14:08:35+00:00

Empowered Mindset


On my way to Byng Pool this morning I passed some angry graffiti sprayed onto the side of a building that reads: "F*ck the RCMP".  I was moved by how powerless a person must feel in this world that their only means of expressing their sense of oppression is to vent impotently on the side [...]

Empowered Mindset2020-02-18T14:46:20+00:00

Dead Horses Don’t Win Races


It's an exciting time of year as we prepare our Empower team for the 2020 CanWest Games at UBC in June.  So far we have 14 qualified athletes (2 more than last year) and if our scaled team qualifies we'll have 3 more!  Small as we are, we may be sending more masters athletes than [...]

Dead Horses Don’t Win Races2020-02-17T16:50:05+00:00

By the Numbers


Is a CrossFit membership expensive? On Vancouver's West Side you'll find a few CrossFit gyms and several personal training studios but no $20/month Planet Fitness or Steve Nash big box gyms.  There's a simple reason why this is so: economics. The price of a commercial lease on Vancouver's West Side doesn't make that business model [...]

By the Numbers2020-02-16T09:35:35+00:00

Languages of Love


During our Hawaii cruise my sister-in-law reminded me of the 5 Languages of Love.  According to this idea each of us receives and communicates love through one of the following ways: 1) Quality Time 2) Physical Touch 3) Acts of Service 4) Gifts 5) Words of Affirmation Challenges arise in relationships when the involved parties [...]

Languages of Love2020-02-14T15:04:19+00:00

The Empower 2020 Challenge


The other day I wrote the blog post "Embrace the Obvious" wherein Dan John exhorted you to look to the obvious in order to understand the results you are or are not producing.  For fitness he identified 3 key elements for producing results: sleep, nutrition and training. Your coaches are not going to [...]

The Empower 2020 Challenge2020-02-13T14:20:29+00:00

The Strongwo/man Answer


Why Strongman? I’m often asked, why do strongman training?  In order to answer that, We need to define what strongman training is.  At its most basic, strongman can be defined as moving oddly shaped objects. And in that context, strongman, in some ways, can be seen as the ultimate expression of the CrossFit ethos. The [...]

The Strongwo/man Answer2020-02-12T16:00:15+00:00