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April 2020

Now We’re Cooking!


While classes worked their way through improvised home versions of the triple under-GHD sit up-deadlift triplet, Brick was getting it done in his backyard.  Check out his innovative use of a bucket full of sand! Apparently Empower members don't like scary movies (6 votes) though 2 appreciated Get Out and there was [...]

Now We’re Cooking!2020-04-07T22:45:47+00:00

Unexpected Benefits


Remember in January 2019 when started posting all those pictures of older athletes doing scaled versions of the WOD with water jug deadlifts and L-Sits on a retro recliner?  Many questioned Coach Glassman’s sanity then but 15 months later and those pictures and videos seem spookily prophetic.  These days we’re all lifting jugs [...]

Unexpected Benefits2020-04-06T20:03:28+00:00

Dancing, Cooking, Trivia, SLIPing and Cleaning


Thanks to all the dancing queens who stopped by to join us Saturday night for some foolish dancing.  We hope we provided a bit of levity and a few chuckles for your weekend. Next Saturday 5pm we’ll be hosting Empower Trivia Night.  If you have some quality CrossFit trivia, especially trivia related [...]

Dancing, Cooking, Trivia, SLIPing and Cleaning2020-04-05T21:14:07+00:00

Athletics News Vol. 5: Navigating our New Reality


In this Edition: 1.     Greetings 2.       Movements of the Week 3.       Baseline Warm-Up and Two Squatting WODs FT 4.       SD Tip 1: Shopping Greetings readers! How is everyone doing out there? I so miss you all!  My apologies for being so slow to the draw with an alternative to our Athletics class.   I was emotionally thrown for a [...]

Athletics News Vol. 5: Navigating our New Reality2020-04-05T11:15:48+00:00

Wall Flower or Dancing Queen


In preparation for tonight's Fool's Day dance party we asked group class members if they'd describe themselves as a wall flower or dancing queen.  The 8am was 100% self reported wall flowers but the 10am crew (folks who appreciate a bit of a weekend sleep in) were 5o/50.  It should be noted that most wall [...]

Wall Flower or Dancing Queen2020-04-04T15:09:52+00:00

Unstoppable: 20 in 2020


The 20 in 2020 challenge was inspired by Fierce’s tremendous 2019 season which saw one of the most heroic athletic performances to which I’ve been witness in over 40 years of competitive athletics.   Despite being pregnant for 9/12 months in 2019 and delivering her 4th child in November 2019, Fierce managed to complete every single [...]

Unstoppable: 20 in 20202020-04-03T19:37:16+00:00

The Great Leap Forward


The same obstacles that some people stumble and trip over are the springboards others use to leap ahead.  Life just dropped a great big stumbling block in our way and it is a great opportunity to examine how you respond to obstacles and a chance to practice optimizing your response.  Don’t deny your 7 [...]

The Great Leap Forward2020-04-02T19:18:27+00:00

The Hardest Part is Getting it Up!


The old timers know exactly what I’m talking about though you young lifters may be confused.  Read to the end if you wish to be enlightened. Thanks to Sprite for today’s April Fool’s Day WOD inspiration.  Everyone had a blast.  Especially HHH who got to choose between 240 lunges or using her unabbreviated [...]

The Hardest Part is Getting it Up!2020-04-01T19:39:40+00:00

Fool’s Day WOD 2020


Happy April 1st.  I was really tempted to program the KFC WOD for all of you: But Sprite came up with a better idea: Use your CrossFit name to create your unique WOD. Complete 20 of each movement used to spell your name. A = Push Ups B = HSPU [...]

Fool’s Day WOD 20202020-03-31T13:56:43+00:00

March 2020

April Schedule Changes and Events


Our reality made a major shift in the closing weeks of March and it is going to be awhile yet before the world returns to normal for us.  We have been very grateful for all the support from our Empower community and have been excited by how many of you have joined us for Outside-the-Box [...]

April Schedule Changes and Events2020-03-31T13:55:21+00:00