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August 2019

Bruiser at the World Championships!


There are no weight categories in CrossFit.  Often this favours slightly smaller athletes but when it comes to heavy weightlifting, the advantage goes to the bigger, heavier athletes. Bruiser is a great lifter.  Despite her petite build, she out-lifts most of our Empower women and many of the men.  But diminutive as she is, she [...]

Bruiser at the World Championships!2019-08-21T16:09:53+00:00

You Win or You Learn


Not sure where I first heard this aphorism but it has been a very critical mindset piece in my progress as an athlete and a coach. Because things won't always go your way. Over the years I've also come to believe that, while winning is fun, there is less to learn when you are winning.  [...]

You Win or You Learn2019-08-20T08:00:04+00:00

Fix Those Shoulders


You know what joint gets beat up a lot in CrossFit?  Shoulders. Last day of the CanWest Games featured 3 events that were shoulder-intensive.  Keeping your shoulders healthy, strong and functional is a huge advantage in such circumstances!  Last week we did the 2019 CrossFit Games finale: The Standard, another shoulder-crushing workout combining clean & [...]

Fix Those Shoulders2019-08-18T11:06:36+00:00

Money in the Bank


Fitness in our culture can be one of those things that people only appreciate when it is gone. Most of us that take health and fitness seriously have had a rock bottom experience. What this blog is offering today is that eating well, sleeping well, and training smart when you are healthy can be the [...]

Money in the Bank2019-08-16T13:38:19+00:00

Passion Project


Let me preface this blog with the reminder that high performance and fitness are two separate, mutually exclusive, goals.  90% of our Empower members are training for fitness and that is our focus as coaches in the daily WODs.  Smokey is the poster boy for the effectiveness of CrossFit for fitness.  He has trained consistently [...]

Passion Project2019-08-15T14:37:21+00:00

Dangerous Compared to What?


Last night I strained my calf and hamstring warming up for sprints in the park.  I didn't even get to the workout.  It's nothing serious, I don't need crutches, but I am limping about today a bit tender.  Running in the park isn't really what folks are thinking about when they tell you doing CrossFit [...]

Dangerous Compared to What?2019-08-13T09:28:55+00:00

Your Heart Out


For the third consecutive year Mom was at the CanWest Games cheering on the Empower team. Between events, as she, Motor and I sat talking about the great vibe, Mom made a profound observation.  The CanWest, she told us, reminded her of her time in Barbados.  On that island, unlike here, it is culturally appropriate [...]

Your Heart Out2019-08-12T13:06:09+00:00

To Wear or Not to Wear


Why didn't we purchase weight vests for Empower?  We have almost every other toy required to do the WODs as prescribed except for weight vests.  Was it an oversight or was there a reason? The only reason we even have weight vests available now is because Dangers bought himself one and then the hard [...]

To Wear or Not to Wear2019-08-11T15:21:57+00:00

Safe Space


"Where should I put my phone, keys and wallet?" It's a question I'm often asked by folks coming in to CrossFit for the first time.  "Anywhere you want."  I can't help but smile at the uncomfortable look on their face.  I know what they're feeling.  I've trained in commercial gyms where you live in fear [...]

Safe Space2019-08-10T07:57:49+00:00

Case Closed on 5am’s Most Wanted!


She may be a bit of a mystery to many, but eye witnesses have confirmed that she's one of 5am's most wanted! And now... the verdict is in. It's a double-barrelled shot to the heart for those of us who know and love her... but the evidence doesn't lie! Next week is Clue's last week in [...]

Case Closed on 5am’s Most Wanted!2019-08-09T14:04:35+00:00