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May 2020

Injury Season: Returning with Caution!


Ramen Tuesday Night Sprite taught us how to make health ramen noodles.  It was our shortest cooking session as we finished in just under 30 minutes.  My son loved them and devoured the whole pot!The cooking club is one of the things I have really enjoyed during self-isolation that I didn’t expect to enjoy.  We [...]

Injury Season: Returning with Caution!2020-05-20T16:26:22+00:00

The Mufasa Challenge


Thanks to all the members who have sent us entertaining evidence of their at-home training.  D-Knee recently sent us this fantastic 2+ minute crow pose.  Can you beat that?  I sure couldn’t! Mufasa, apparently bored of me and my pet rock Tear Drop, wanted me to put the challenge out there to [...]

The Mufasa Challenge2020-05-19T20:30:09+00:00

More Questions, Some Answers


As you can probably imagine, I’ve been inundated over the past 48 hours not just with reopening logistics but with questions from members on this topic.  And you’ve asked some good questions so I’d like to answer them here.  At Saturday night’s 5pm Drinks with Coach we’ll do a more complete Q&A and if we’re [...]

More Questions, Some Answers2020-05-18T21:17:04+00:00

Phase 1 Reopening Plan


Current rates of COVID-19 in the Vancouver populace are very low.  Though we do expect this to increase with the relaxing of safety measures in coming weeks, the likelihood that one of our Empower members tests positive for COVID-19 at the current moment is exceedingly low (according to numbers offered by Mr. Fantastic it could [...]

Phase 1 Reopening Plan2020-05-17T20:55:28+00:00

Sunday WOD and Athletics V.11


Warm up 20 mins SLIPS S: 1 min wrist stretch/ rock 1 min couch stretch (L) 1 min couch stretch (R) 1 min full rock L: 2 mins L raises ( all types) 2 mins hold (W alternate legs to full) I: 2min hold and slow decent 2 mins walk and HSPU P: 1min [...]

Sunday WOD and Athletics V.112020-05-17T06:36:47+00:00

Subscribe and Thrive


Subscribe to our Empower YouTube page to be kept up to date.  Heehee and I have been recording warm ups and WODs and uploading them to the Empower Youtube channel sometimes days in advance so you can get a preview.   But we’ve also been developing more content to add to our website.  We’re not yet [...]

Subscribe and Thrive2020-05-15T19:50:59+00:00

On Hold Version 2

2020-05-14T21:10:38+00:00 Solutions Obesity, diabetes and other inflammatory states are associated with worse COVID-19 health outcomes.  And a worse life in general.  CrossFit has been providing a solution to lifestyle diseases for more than a minute now and while it may not be easy, it certainly isn’t complicated.  Get moving, stop eating crap.  CrossFit has [...]

On Hold Version 22020-05-14T21:10:38+00:00

Thank You COVID


Every challenge presents an opportunity for growth and boy has this been a BIG challenge.  It's really amazing how unpredictable the world can be.  As a business owner you try to be prepared for every possible predicament but we were blindsided by this one.  At first we were shaken but it is actually really refreshing [...]

Thank You COVID2020-05-13T21:12:41+00:00

Zercher Log


Another day, another beach WOD.  It was a lovely day to visit Tower Beach.  We saw The Heat there on a picnic date.  We played around with SLIPS.  I got my best crow pose hold ever as the eagles circled overhead.  We did some rock throwing and then found logs of appropriate size and weight [...]

Zercher Log2020-05-12T11:32:09+00:00

Stars Don’t Align


Dumbbell deadlifts and push ups.  I carried tear drop to the park along with a couple pillow cases.   There is a second rock in the park which I often use and with one rock per pillow case I have adequate dumbbell substitutes.  Why don’t you just Tear Drop at the park, HeeHee sometimes wonders [...]

Stars Don’t Align2020-05-11T22:50:13+00:00