April 2019

April Schedule Changes

2019-04-02T16:35:11+00:00 CanWest Schedule Changes Individual (RX/Teen/Masters/Scaled) CanWest Qualifiers begin this week.  Our competitors will have 2 workouts per week for 2 weeks (4 workouts total).  We have created dedicated times in our schedule for competitors to do the WODs but this year we are also going to select one workout each week to program for [...]

April Schedule Changes2019-04-02T16:35:11+00:00

February 2019

Family Day Schedule Changes


Use this long weekend to relax and then brace yourself for 5 weeks of excitement and celebration!  

Family Day Schedule Changes2019-02-14T22:31:24+00:00

February Fun Times


While the rest of the city languishes in the mid-winter doldrums, the party is just getting started at CrossFit Empower!

February Fun Times2019-02-01T02:18:23+00:00

January 2019

December 2018

New Year News


Rate Change, KidFit Expands, Power Up Breakfast & More!

New Year News2018-12-29T02:15:09+00:00

November 2018