September 2020

Athletics WODS 9.15/17.2002


Hail! The sun is back in town! Here is what is on tap in Athletics Wednesday and Friday this week. 9.15.2020 6pm 42-36-24 DB Floor Press Ring Rows AMRAP 15 15 Wall Balls 200 m run Mid-line:  100 Dead bugs Looking for challenging ring row reps i.e. sets of 6-8.   To obtain a harder position, [...]

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Athletics WODS 9.13-14.2020


Dad’s the Man:  Fitness by Example Wrote this post on Father's Day. It didn't make it out.  But, I want to share it now because, it is a timeless topic of import! What role did your Dad play in your desire to live a fit lifestyle? It seems it can go two ways.  Dad was [...]

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Athletics Workouts September 10 & 11 2020


Please note! As of next week Athletics classes will now run on Monday and Wednesday at 6pm, Friday at 4pm and Sunday at 11:15.  Thank you so much for rolling with the class changes these last months.  Really appreciate your flexibility and continued support.  Way to keep fit this summer! High fives all around! Want [...]

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Athletics: Jump to it!


What can jumping rope do for you? A lot!  An often-cited study found jumping rope for ten minutes can do more for your health than a 30-minute jog.  Here are some other solid reasons to add frequent doses of skipping to your fitness regime. Why skip? Because it … Improves coordination, stamina and focus which [...]

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Athletics: See it. Believe it.


September 2020.  It has a different feel but September it is.   My son didn’t ask to go back-to- school shopping as if school isn’t happening this year.   I feel sad about all the changes the kids have to cope with.   But it is a challenge to embrace and grow stronger from it.  To me, September [...]

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Long Weekend Games Day #5


Games Day Part #5 Labour Day Long Weekend! Although many of our members are vacating for one last summer hurrah before this seemingly almost never ending summer is finally fast approaching its end in a short number of days. I have for any Empower members or friends and family to join me this Saturday [...]

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August 2020

Athletics News and Upcoming WODS


Hello folks!  Hard to believe it but into September we march.   Way to keep it going this summer!  It has been wonderful to have you back in the gym these last 3 months.  With sadness we bit adieu to Davin, Ali and Callan as they head off to their amazing new abode on Vancouver Island. [...]

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Athletics: WOD Up


In which camp do you fall? Do you want to know the workout ahead of time or go in sight unseen?  Does it make a difference to you? The case for knowing in advance is it allows you to plan.  The case against is the knowledge may deter you, i.e. “I don’t want to do [...]

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Mindset Matters


Saturday’s WOD is 2008 CrossFit Games Finale 30 Squat Clean and Jerks for time, last showing up in 2013.  Suspect majority of us don’t have data on it and it is a fresh WOD to tackle.  Looking forward to the challenge? I did not make it into the gym for this one. Tackled it on [...]

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Friday Fitness


Ever had your fitness goals derailed by the weekend? You make positive gains Monday through Thursday, working out regularly, eating well, getting things done but come Friday, enough already and the brakes come off. You stay up later, eat and drink more, exercise less and, come Monday, groggily vow to start fresh. How do you break this pattern?  [...]

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