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January 2020

Normal, Not Natural


Among active people post-workout soreness may be normal, that doesn’t mean it’s natural.  Okay, some workouts are going to leave you sore.  Karen or Tabata squats will trash your quads, Angie may leave your lats lit up.  This is a function of high volume, explosive movement.  Muscle pain is an inevitable outcome of this type [...]

Normal, Not Natural2020-01-17T14:47:20+00:00

Mobility with DK


Your hips are stiff, it takes you 10 minutes to warm up enough to squat.  Your shoulders are chronically tight and you struggle with your overhead range of motion.  DK is here to help you out! DK has been practicing yoga for more than 15 years and is trained as an instructor in Vinyasa, Hatha, [...]

Mobility with DK2020-01-16T12:45:42+00:00

Thank you for Burpees!


Hi Corey & Leon, I bet you don’t hear this enough, so I wanted to say a sincere THANK YOU for the commitment to integrity, accountability, and fitness that the 50 burpee penalty represents. I’ve been writing report cards and grumbling away about the stiff neck and cankles that are a direct result of sitting [...]

Thank you for Burpees!2020-01-15T17:08:26+00:00

Getting it Right


Some folks aren't even trying.  Yesterday at No Frills I stood in line behind a very kindly elderly man whose health appeared to be declining rapidly.  "It's just a function of getting older," folks will say as if there's nothing you can do about it.  His entire grocery cart consisted of several packages of chocolate [...]

Getting it Right2020-01-14T12:47:11+00:00

Thank You and Welcome to the Dark Side


Crossfit Empower members came through in multitudes, donating above and beyond the $2500 threshold for the Equipment Fundraiser. Crossfit Empower and B.C. Children’s Hospital thanks you for all your generous donations. Crossfit Empower has purchased more new equipment thanks to YOU! …Oh wait, something is happening…We are receiving a perplexing transmission for Crossfit Empower members [...]

Thank You and Welcome to the Dark Side2020-01-13T15:36:30+00:00

2 Annies and a Lot of Laughter


We had a full house Saturday for benchmark workout Annie.  Though we only gave members 20 minutes to complete, there were lots of double under breakthroughs.  Even those who didn’t finish experienced some improvements.  And there were more than a few personal bests.  Motor discovered that you can get the WOD done faster when you [...]

2 Annies and a Lot of Laughter2020-01-12T14:57:44+00:00

Doing Donuts at Empower


We had a late cash influx into the Empower equipment fund affording us the opportunity to pick up a few new toys. We still have one new toy on the way but today we received a few exciting gifts: Our second Rogue adjustable dumbbell handle arrived so now we can make pairs of dumbbells from [...]

Doing Donuts at Empower2020-01-10T15:58:15+00:00

Eat Your Way to Lean


This Saturday January 11th 9-10 am Power Up Nutrition will be at Empower to discuss eating to improve body composition by which we mean eating to get leaner.  Open registration, $25 for this session of $50 to attend all 3 scheduled sessions. Is one of your 2020 goals to get leaner?  Was it one of [...]

Eat Your Way to Lean2020-01-09T12:55:24+00:00

CanWest Prep Class


The CanWest Qualifiers caught us by surprise this year changing from March to January. This doesn't leave our competitors a lot of time to prepare but there are certain mindset pieces that we can absolutely practice in order to help you get your best results. We will be offering a Saturday 11am training time for [...]

CanWest Prep Class2020-01-08T16:41:31+00:00

Heal with HeeHee


This Saturday January 11th from 1-2pm at CrossFit Empower HeeHee invites you to a special laughter session free to Empower members, $5 for guests. A trained Laughter Leader HeeHee has been delivering the health benefits of laughter since 2008 and wants to share her joy with the Empower community as a way of showing appreciation [...]

Heal with HeeHee2020-01-07T13:18:46+00:00