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December 2020

Lending Lotto Results


Wasn’t that a party?   Thanks to everyone who turned out last Saturday afternoon for our Lending Library Lotto Party!  Spirits were high and so were the stakes as participants vied for 7 rowers and 11 barbell sets. Such tension, such anticipation!  The good news, 33 of 48 participants got their first choice.  7 people [...]

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The Holiday Slump


December is always a bad time of year for fitness.  With holidays looming and vacations booked, the fitness commitment you were so dedicated to in January is all but forgotten.  “What’s the point,” you think to yourself, “I’ll get back after it in the new year.”  After all, maybe you worked hard for eleven months [...]

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Handstand Walk & Pistols


Thursday will be more of a technique gymnastics day. After yesterdays run and burpees workout It is time for a little more skill practice. You will be working on you handstand walking and single legged squats. For some of you the five round workout below looks like a fun challenge and a great opportunity to [...]

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Flash Sale


You have been asking for it, here it is! Put in your order for Empower apparel at our pop-up online store by December 6th and your order will be delivered to Empower by December 16th. Apparel Options Hoodies: Solid colour Gildan  or two-tone San Mar hoodies available (request your name-drop if you would like your CrossFit [...]

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November 2020

December 1st Make Up Day


On the first day of December we will have our first make up day of the month. Make up days can be great to work on skills, do some light movement or make up a workout you may have missed. Please come prepared and have a look at one of our options below. It is [...]

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Holy Smokes, It’s December Already!


Rowdy said it best: "The weeks have seemed to drag on but the months have flown by!"  2020 has been both a torturous marathon and a speeding train wreck but Tuesday we're into the final month of the year and I think no matter your religious leanings, we could all use a little Christmas [...]

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Sunday Morning Athletics 11.29.20 11:15 am


Closing out November. Way to keep your fitness going during this challenging month all! You’ve been thrown many curve balls but you’ve worked around them and kept going.  It's been great to have you taking down wods on Zoom, in Open Gyms and also to know when you've been fitting it in on your own.  [...]

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Snatch C&J Double Unders


On Sunday we will be doing a twelve minute AMRAP and some of you may have done this one before. If you think you have done it search in the zen planner app snatch-c&J-DU to find your previous score. For this workout I focused on nose breathing all the way through taking breaks between movements [...]

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The War on Death


Sprite’s Dad shared this great essay with me.  It is a long but very well-reasoned and articulated speculation on our current circumstances that asks us to ask ourselves some very important questions.  As humans we are motivated by emotion more than reason.  When the amygdala kicks in our reasoning brain stops working so well and [...]

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COVID Survivor


We have two things to celebrate this week: our very first COVID survivor and zero in-gym transmissions. Midnight November 23rd the quarantine was lifted for our first Empower COVID case and a return to work and activity permit was officially signed, sealed and delivered. It is 9 days since the member was in the gym [...]

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