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December 2019

Power Up Stocking Stuffers


We are excited to help you start off the new year right for you and/or a loved one.  We've teamed up with Power Up Nutrition to offer 3 different nutrition packages to help you accelerate your progress and attain your goals in 2020. Step one, get the free version of the MyFitnessPal app.  Do it [...]

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Cultivating Sisu


Mom taught our group classes a lesson yesterday.  She taught them the meaning of a Finnish concept: Sisu.  And the best way to teach is by demonstrating. Plank holds have been on the menu a lot recently.  Tedious as they may be, they are an important exercise for developing the strength required to stabilize your [...]

Cultivating Sisu2019-12-05T12:53:39+00:00

Jedi on Empower


1. What brought you to CrossFit? My friend DT was sharing with me how much she was enjoying the excellent coaching at CrossFit Empower, the camaraderie with other gym members and the challenge. I was really struggling at the time with consistent physical activity in the winter - running in the rain & going to [...]

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The Art of War


Extraordinary results are born of extraordinary actions. The Empower book basket in the change room contains no less than three books on military tactics and strategy: The Art of War, The Book of Five Rings and Lure the Tiger From the Mountains.  One day I’d like to add The Hagakure to our collection. I wish [...]

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CanWest Surprise!


Not everyone loves surprises.  When we met in Whistler in September, CanWest organizer Morgan assured me the 2020 CanWest Qualifiers would take place in March or April 2020.  In fact, the 5 individual qualifier events must be completed between January 24th-30th. Teams February 7th-13th. Surprise!  This isn't what we'd planned for but don't get thrown [...]

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Your Holiday Survival Guide


Hello team Empower. Annie here, owner and proprietor of PowerUp Nutrition. Excited to be sharing my thoughts with you and your community a couple times a month. I can’t believe it is already December. Life is about to get super busy for most of us and dieting and getting yourself to the gym may be [...]

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November 2019

December 2019 Schedule Updates


There are a lot of exciting things coming your way in the month of December so don't just skim this blog post, give it a thorough review! December Holiday Schedule At CrossFit Empower, we have not closed a day in over 5 years and we don't plan to change that now.  We will be [...]

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CrossFit Empower’s 10th Annual 12-Days of X-Mas Event!


YOU ARE INVITED Saturday December 14th at CrossFit Empower Come celebrate with us!  Our most popular community event is suitable for all levels, all members and all traditions.  You don't need to celebrate Christmas to enjoy this event. How to Participate: 1. Sign up on the sign up sheet in the gym.  Put your partner's [...]

CrossFit Empower’s 10th Annual 12-Days of X-Mas Event!2019-11-28T09:48:30+00:00

Shoulder Mobility for Olympic Lifting


As you probably already know, I am a fan of Greg Everett's style of mobility work.  Not only because he knows Weightlifting but because I agree with him that complicated stretches that require lots of equipment and set up are "dumb" because you just won't do them.  I'm a simple guy so I like the [...]

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My Take on 2020


Personally, this was my favourite CrossFit Open to date, perhaps because of the break from predictable programming.  Or maybe it was because of the vibrant colours of the super hero, cowboy and medieval costumes that greeted me each week .  Or it could have been the all-ages, family feel of Empower members working out alongside [...]

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