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July 2020

Feet First


Suffering from bunions, valgus knee, ankle immobility, knee pain, hip pain, back pain, plantar fasciitis? The problem could be your big toe.  And it might be caused by your footwear.  Our connection to the ground begins in our feet and they were designed to move freely and interact with the ground.  Too many of us [...]

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Monday AMRAP


We missed our SLIPS on the weekend as we struggled to shoe-horn our Snatch workout into a one hour class but happily Monday's 20 minute AMRAP provides an opportunity to get caught up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAodtT6JcsM Equipment: Dumbbells or alternative Warm Up: SLIPS Stretching 2 rounds 1 min Hanging Hold 1 min Goblet Squat Hold L-Sits [...]

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Lazy WOD


Resets Saturday at 8am I demonstrated a simple Original Strength reset.  I started by testing my baseline, trying to touch my toes and ending up about 12 inches shy of the mark.  Tight hamstrings, right?  Then we did the reset together: 1 minute of belly breathing, 1 minute head nods and 1 minute head rotations.  After which, [...]

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Saturday Snatch Practice


Saturday we can safely squeeze 9 people into each class which is a good thing since the classes are booked right up! We will be practicing the snatch in the form of the muscle snatch, the overhead squat and the squat snatch. My knee is fully recovered now thanks in part to modifying workouts as [...]

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3 Pillars


Shades and I recently received our Original Strength certification.  Hopefully HeeHee and Jet who also attended the course will get certified soon as well. Original Strength is an effective, principles-driven system.  It's been around for awhile and was recommended to me years ago by a trusted source but it was hearing legendary strength coach Dan John praise its [...]

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Young at Heart


"Young at heart.  Slightly older in other places." - Bumper sticker At Empower, the greater percentage of our membership is over 45 years old.  Personally I am 48 years old and have been doing CrossFit since 2005 and competing in CrossFit since 2016.  I train 6-7 times per week and haven't missed a programmed workout since [...]

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The Wrath of Jupiter


We warned you that the return of Castro meant the reign of the HeroWOD.  And Zeus is a WOD that deserves to be named after the God of Thunder, ruler of the Greek Gods.  Zeus has 570 reps, that's 70 more than the dreaded Filthy 50!  Another way to think of it is a 450 rep Fight Gone Bad [...]

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2020 has tested us a bit and the good news is you've come through everything this crazy year could throw at you - so far.  Maybe the worst is behind us, maybe not.  That's the thing about life - you just never know.  So what's the key to building the resilience needed to get you [...]


The Purpose of It All


Consumed by the daily grind, it is often easy to forget why we’re doing this.  CrossFit is not, after all, about getting better at working out.  It was never intended as an end in itself.  CrossFit’s focus on functional fitness has always been about providing you the fitness required to go out and take on [...]

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Clean & Jerk


It feels like a long time since we've had the opportunity to regularly hone our Olympic lifting skills.  Part of that was COVID, part was a different programming directive. Personally I am thrilled to be lifting more frequently again.  The skills involved, the pairing of neurological and physiological demands elicited by the Olympic lifts, have [...]

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