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September 2020

5 KM Run


Sunday’s workout of the day will be everyone’s favourite the 5 km run. Are you game for a run on our beautiful route?  Good news if you are on the wait list we have space for you. This run was much needed after the games workouts. The game I played in Wednesdays Down pour was [...]

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Safe to Go to the Gym Again


The IHRSA is not exactly a disinterested party so you must take their recent article with a grain of salt.  The national study quoted was conducted between May 1st to August 6th.  Of the US 49.4 million US gym-goers tested in that time only 0.0023 percent tested positive for COVID-19.  Lower than the national average.  [...]

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Netflix released a great new series "The Playbook: A Coach's Rules for Life".  Episode 1 featured Basketball Coach Doc Rivers who led both the Celtics and the Clippers to successful seasons.  As I don't follow basketball I was unfamiliar with Doc Rivers and his accomplishments but I was very moved by his life and coaching [...]


Another make up day


For Thursday’s workout we have another make up day. If you are anything like me, you are probably feeling a little tired from all the workouts we have done. And we have a few more tough ones coming up please come prepared with a plan. On Tuesday I was very proud to see how hard [...]

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Digging the Data


One of the things I love about CrossFit is that performance results are measurable.  Monday group classes got to test themselves against the first of the 2020 CrossFit Games online events, two basic benchmarks that most members were able to complete RX’d: the Front Squat 1 rep max and the 1000m Row. Row Front Squat [...]

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Autumn Athletics


Welcome to Fall friends.  Cooler weather and darker days make for a great time to level up on fitness goals. Our consistent workouts will keep us strong and healthy this Fall and ready to embrace the holiday season when it comes! Upcoming Athletics WODs: 9.23.2020 6pm 900 m run/row/bike or erg into: 9 rounds of: [...]

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Friendly Fran


At Toastmasters we would always talk about starting with the end in mind. This Idea in a speech will have you think what do I want the audience to get, and what should they be left thinking about after? Now let’s talk about how you can apply this idea to your day to day training. [...]

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We Not Me


It's true, I resisted The Rock & Bruiser's insistence that I watch Cobra Kai when it was only on Youtube but when it came to Netflix I caved in and got hooked.  The show resonated for me because I grew up training in a traditional style Judo dojo from the age of 8 years old [...]

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Athletics: AMWAP


For the last couple months I’ve been following MindSet RX’D as their posts have resonated with me.  So much so, that I just started one of their courses.  On exercise given to me was to complete an AMWAP a.k.a As Many Wins As Possible.   AMWAPs can be done in review of your life as a [...]

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Sunday Funday


What is your game plan for Sunday’s make up day? We have had some big workouts before and we have some big ones coming after. What will be the best use of your time and help you move forward towards your goals? For me with the bar cleaning party, Saturday is going to be my [...]

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