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April 2019

Dumbbell, Happy Dumbbell


In regular gyms they get used for bicep curls, lat raises and other silliness that contributes little to functional fitness.  In power lifting circles they are relegated to accessory work.  And in CrossFit they are often ignored in favour of the barbell. The humble dumbbell often does not get the recognition it deserves as a [...]

Dumbbell, Happy Dumbbell2019-04-25T10:03:19+00:00

Unspoken Laws of CrossFit


I came to CrossFit for the fitness, I had zero interest in the community component.  Until I met the people.  The CrossFit community is a community like no other I've encountered.  No egos, no attitudes, endlessly supportive and accepting and comprised of individuals with the highest level of integrity I have ever encountered.  At a [...]

Unspoken Laws of CrossFit2019-04-23T09:55:08+00:00

Dangers Logs a WOD


5 Rounds of deadlift, squat cleans & thrusters.  There were many ways to modify Wednesday's workout but none as creative or entertaining as Dangers' version! Attending their CrossFit Coaching Level 2 at CrossFit Belltown in Seattle, ET & The Nuke got a chance to do this one under the supervision of the Level 2 coaching [...]

Dangers Logs a WOD2019-04-21T08:23:29+00:00

T-Spine Mobility


Strength and conditioning come quickly with CrossFit.  But for those of us with mobility challenges, many staple CrossFit movements can present significant challenges.  Developing mobility is a slower process with less immediate reward but a big pay-off if you stick with it. In our largely desk bound culture, thoracic mobility is often an issue that [...]

T-Spine Mobility2019-04-18T09:16:12+00:00

CanWest Masters Qualifiers


Yesterday marked the submission deadline of the individual Masters Qualifiers for the 2019 CanWest Games which added to the CrossFit Open, meant the end of about 7 weeks of competition for many of our Empower athletes.  Whew!  The competitive field was tougher than ever this year but every one of our Masters athletes gave their [...]

CanWest Masters Qualifiers2019-04-16T10:25:44+00:00

Getting to Know Fascia


Visited East is East on Broadway last night for a family gathering and bumped into our good friend Doc Bones of MSK Chiropractic Clinic.  I'm very much looking forward to my appointment with him and his RMT sister at their clinic this coming Friday.  Since the last weekend of February I've put my body through [...]

Getting to Know Fascia2019-04-14T09:42:33+00:00

Fly Your Gymnastics Flag High


Yes, yesterday's WOD had a whole lot of push ups.  And it was impressive how many members actually finished all 5 rounds (175 push ups) including everyone in the 6am, noon and 5pm classes! As many push ups as there were however, the real showcase here was the 5 programmed L-Sit Rope Climbs, my greatest [...]

Fly Your Gymnastics Flag High2019-04-11T09:58:54+00:00

More of the Same


CrossFit HQ is really driving for gymnastics strength with a focus on posterior chain development.  Though to the casual observer they may have looked nothing alike, Monday's three part workout was almost exactly like Saturday's.  Saturday included 3 rounds of L-pull ups, push ups and rowing mixed together.  Monday's program broke those up allowing athletes [...]

More of the Same2019-04-09T09:45:56+00:00



273!  That's about how many workouts CrossFit programs each year.  How many did you do?  A couple weeks ago Fierce celebrated one full year without having missed a single workout!  That's 273 WODs in 52 weeks.  How many Empower members can make that claim? Of course Fierce is awesome.  She crushed it at the Open [...]




There are, and have always been, a lot of misconceptions about what CrossFit is.  When you mention CrossFit, most people visualize a particular workout style.  They rarely envision a 5K Row, a 10K Run, 200m swim repeats, a 5-3-1 deadlift day, handstand hold practice, and they certainly do not think of dance! What CrossFit actually [...]