On behalf of all the Empower members who will benefit, I want to thank The Truth and his helpers for the great new lifting platforms they built for us.  This, like many great things at Empower, was a member-driven project.  The Truth saw a way to improve our gym and took charge of it.

Along the way he had lots of help from Super Mario, Dangers, Fierce and Mufasa lent them the table saw required to cut the mats to size.  It was a big project and everyone put in a lot of work hours to bring it to fruition  But it was The Truth who put in the lion’s share of work and expenses in order to get it done.

Yesterday was the final day of the month-long endeavour with The Truth working from 11am to 5pm with Dangers and Fierce helping for a large portion of the day.  Don’t let their efforts go unnoticed, please thank these members for their generous contribution to our community.  I am certain that every time you lift on those lovely platforms you will appreciate their hard work!

And thank you to our Empower community for always innovating and delivering ideas to make Empower the best Vancouver CrossFit facility and the best community!  What should our next project be?