Deadlift Excellence

//Deadlift Excellence

Deadlift Excellence

It is rare that we see heavy deadlifts programmed so closely together but here they are.  Today we’ve got sets of 5-3-3-1-1-1 and next week we’ll be doing 5 sets of singles.  It is important that we do them well and CrossFit head quarters has been kind enough to support our push for technical excellence with a new and improved deadlift instructional video that includes not only the key points of performance but also nifty little lines to indicate bar travel.  Study it well!

Whether or not you like deadlifts, there are few movements more functional or necessary than the ability to pick something up off the ground.  The barbell is simply an ergonomically optimized tool that allows you to maximize loading while preserving correct posture in this lift.  EVERYONE needs to deadlift but not everyone does it correctly or safely or trains to develop strength in this range of motion.

Whether you are picking up a pen, a purse, a puppy, your groceries or your grand kids, deadlifts are a skill you need daily!  With athletes ranging in age from 6 to 86, CrossFit Empower is a Vancouver CrossFit gym training you for life!