Deadlifting Done Right

//Deadlifting Done Right

Deadlifting Done Right

Perhaps no other basic lift causes more concern than the deadlift.   And yet it is the most basic and essential of lifts.  Pick up your suitcase, the baby, your kitten, the groceries or the trash can and you will be deadlifting.  Heck, bending down to pick up your pen is just a light deadlift.  Life requires you to deadlift with quite a bit of frequency.  It is hard to avoid.  And because many don’t train it we see people hurting their backs doing everyday tasks like picking a book up off the floor.

The goal in CrossFit is to drill into you correct movement mechanics and enough strength in that range of motion to safely navigate through your daily life.  The above video illustrates correct back angle, bar path and shoulder-to-hip relationship for a safe and effective deadlift.  In tomorrow’s deadlift WOD you can get a partner to watch your back angle during the deadlift.  Better yet, during the warm up when the weight is light, get one partner to hold the PVC pipe on your back so it bisects your shoulder blades and glutes while a third person watches to make sure that PVC pipe angle does not change until the bar has passed your knees.

Tomorrow’s workout will be scored by total volume lifted.  Don’t worry about anybody else’s score, focus on choosing the heaviest weights with which you can complete your set with perfect form.  No straining, no struggle, no fails.  Here’s how the scoring will go:

Deadlift 10-10-5-5-3-3

So let’s say your numbers look like this: 200-205-225-225-235-245

The arithmetic will be:

Happy lifting!