This month we will try to answer the age old burning question: Who is the fittest couple at Empower?
To do so we will program 4 events to test your speed, stamina, strength and coordination!  We will release one event each Sunday and you have until the following Saturday to complete the workout with your partner in an open gym or make up day and submit your score.  Judges recommended but not required.
If you don’t have a partner at Empower, team up with a friend and participate in the “Swinger’s Division”.  The workouts are scalable to all levels so everyone can participate.
We are launching this year’s Empower Power Couples Challenge with a special workout launch party.

Launch Party: High Noon Sunday October 10th at Empower

Come on out to do EPCC Event 21.1 with us on Sunday, it is an 8-minute partner AMRAP that will be fun for all!
Our 2021 Launch Party is brought to us by the folks at Train Fitness.  Tired of counting reps during WODs and losing track?  Train Fitness is a free rep tracking app designed for CrossFit-style workouts.
Train Fitness will track the first event of next week’s couples competition! The app will automatically record the number of reps and sets you perform with each exercise, all through an Apple Watch, so make sure to bring yours if you have one and download the app beforehand! For those who do not own an Apple Watch, don’t worry, the Train Fitness team will bring a few watches for you to use!

They will also be bringing some fun door prizes for Launch Party participants so please come on out to join us if you can!

Company Description: Train Fitness is a strength-training app that utilizes AI and the motion of a user’s Apple Watch to automatically record their reps and sets at the gym, as well as provide them with deep insights on their workout and fitness routines. Train Fitness also serves as a social platform for individuals of the strength-training community to connect and share experiences with their friends. 

Train Fitness Links:




App Store:

Heavy Grace

Today’s workout is a heavier version of a classic CrossFit benchmark, Grace. If you have completed Grace before, expect to be a little slower today because you are using a weight that is heavier than regular Grace. “Heavy” is relative to each person. As long as you are using a weight that challenges you, then we are in the right ballpark. Consider performing anywhere from 3-6 reps per minute. In terms of time-domain for Heavy Grace, try to finish between 7:00-15:00 minutes. Scaling options: if you cannot go overhead with a barbell, just perform power cleans.


Push Jerk Progression (no equipment/PVC/empty barbell)

5 Jump and land

5 Jump and land with hands at shoulders

5 Jump, punch, then land

5 Full push jerk movement

Clean & Jerk Progression (empty barbell)

5 Hang muscle clean

5 Muscle clean

5 Push press

5 Push jerk

5 Hang power clean + push jerk

5 Power clean + push jerk


Clean & Jerk

Heavy Clean & Jerk


Build to workout weight


30 clean & jerks for time

Choose a heavy to moderate load

Bonus Finisher

Accumulate with a partner:

100 bar-facing burpees

Resting partner holds a plank


10 shoulder pass-throughs with PVC

10/10 arm circles (forward/back)

30 seconds each side of:

shoulder opening stretch (on post)

post squat stretch

Down dog

child’s pose