Yes, yesterday’s WOD had a whole lot of push ups.  And it was impressive how many members actually finished all 5 rounds (175 push ups) including everyone in the 6am, noon and 5pm classes!

As many push ups as there were however, the real showcase here was the 5 programmed L-Sit Rope Climbs, my greatest CrossFit kryptonite as it attacks both grip and core strength.  (Note to self: get working on this skill already!)

Quite a few of our Empower athletes were able to do fairly advanced progressions of this movement from L-seated rope pull ups to half climbs in the L-sit.  This is a very high level skill and I was impressed at how well we fared.  No doubt our membership is getting stronger!

The 6pm Open Gym saw CrossFit Coaches ET and The Nuke teaching us a great flag progression that was both fun and accessible.

Blue tried teaching us an “easy” gymnastics skill too.  It does look easy when he does it.  The rest of us may have some work yet to do on this.

Gymnastics is the toughest part of CrossFit and mastering these higher level gymnastics skills has great athletic transfer-ability to everything else we do.  But it all starts with mastering the basics like good, solid push ups and pull ups performed strictly!