Yes, it is the Thanksgiving long weekend.  Check Monday’s shortened schedule and note that the 9:15am class will be moved up to 9:00am.  

Sunday noon we will be launching our 4 week Empower Power Couples’ Challenge.  Train Fitness will be there to give teams door prizes for couples completing event 21.1.  Don’t worry, if you cannot make it Sunday your team has open gyms and make up days until the following Saturday to complete and submit your scores (Thanksgiving Monday will be a make up day).  The workout is only 8 minutes long and you do not need to stay for the full hour so please join us if you can!

While we are expecting lots of couples to be vying for the title of Empower Power Couple, in addition to the Swinger Division, I hear that there has been a proliferation of subdivisions.  HeeHee and I qualify for the Cougar Division.  Hard Rock has recommended that Electric should enter the Trophy Wife Division.  And Motor and T-1000 have started the Marriage of Convenience Division. 

If you plan to join us Sunday for the Launch Party please register in Zen Planner as we do still have attendance restrictions in place.  Don’t worry, it will be short, fun and easily scalable.  And you’ll be among the first to test out Train Fitness’ new fitness app!

Today we’re working on the Front Squat Pyramid scoring total volume lifted.  It is a big day with a lot of volume.  Make sure to arrive early and be ready with your percentages.  A good guideline for your sets is as follows: sets of 10 at 75% 1 rep max, sets of 5 at 80% 1rpm, 3 at 85% 1rpm and singles at 90%.  I found on my way down the pyramid my legs were fatigued and my final set of 10’s was a bit lighter than the first set. 

The goal here is no failed sets so play within your percentages to get the most out of this workout.  If you are new to classes and don’t know your percentages, start out more conservatively and be a bit more aggressive on the way down the pyramid.  Make sure to record your sets in your notes as you will use this data in the future for calculating workout percentages.

We will be moving fairly quickly through your 9 sets.  Partner up, share a rack with someone roughly your height but follow your own loading plan.  Use your percentages, not your partner’s.

Warm Up

Partner A Partner B
Paused Front Squats @40% 1 rpm 1 min Reverse Lunges
Paused Squats @50% 1 rpm 1 min KB Goblet Squats
Paused Squats @60% 1rpm 1 min Cross Crawl Squat Jump

Front Squat