It’s 6am, cold and dark on this wintry morning, the gym’s lights harsh above our heads. We’ve finished the warm-up but still no one is quite awake, no one is ready for the workout.

“Ok,” says Corey, “Let’s go over the tech.”

I catch Dauntless’ eye and she whispers to me, “Are you running?” I scrunch up my nose.

“You have to run,” she says, knowing I don’t want to, but should.

“What weight are you doing?” I say. She gives me a stony glance. We know each other too well,
know that we both want to take the short cut on certain things that we hate and know that neither of us will let the other rest on their laurels. We both know what we should be doing and we each hold the other to their standard.

“I hate you,” Dauntless says.

“I hate you too,” I say, giggling.

“Dauntless,” says Corey, “Do you have something to share?” I poke her in the shoulder and she glares at me. She has mastered the art of communication through looks. I’ve seen her stop Corey in his tracks with one split second look laden with daggers and machetes. He withdrew promptly, knowing he had crossed a line and he better watch his back for the rest of the class.

We start the workout and I run with Dauntless. She is sunshine and lollipops, cheering me on,
my morose complaints falling under her steady pace. Then we get to the barbell and it is my turn at merriment.

“You can do it,” I say, as she snatches, holding the bar above her head for what seems like eons.

Dauntless can have full conversations with a heavy barbell over her head, as if it is light as a feather, her Superhero strength.

“Put it down,” I say, “You have one more.”

“I can’t,” she says, the bar still over her head as if she is a statue. Finally, she brings the bar down, then back up again.

“I did it!” she says, again holding the bar over her head, like it is the most comfortable place to rest.

Countless days since I joined the gym, Dauntless has been my favorite training partner, the one
that has most inspired me to continue when I just wanted to stop, lie on the ground and quit a workout.  I would see her plugging away, rep after rep and my mind’s mantra became – Dauntless is doing it, you can do it too.

Dauntless – that bold, darkly humorous gal with a heart of gold, an amazing training partner that you want in your corner. Did you know she repeatedly broke her fingers on box jumps and even though they scare her, she still musters the strength to beat back that fear and take them on, every workout they come up? That is Dauntless, undaunted by anything, the most amazing, inspiring person ever!

Dauntless levels up an age category today. Congratulations, Dauntless. We love you!  Silk

Friday WOD
Yes, we do have some solid alternatives for the shoulder press for those of you who require modifications.  10 single, heavy shoulder presses is a pretty solid shoulder workout but if you are hungering for a more complete, total body workout, try doing this one without a rack (only on the lifting platform).  You do not shoulder press more than you can clean but 10 reps of medium heavy cleans is a great way to practice your Olympic Lifting.  Want an even better challenge?  Do the same thing but with dumbbells!  We have one pair of adjustable dumbbells for you intrepid few willing to take on the challenge.

Warm Up
10 Banded Shoulder Pass Throughs
10 each Banded Alphabet
10 DB Scott’s Press
10 DB Arnold Press
10 Half Kneeling Single Arm DB Press
10/10 DB Pull Overs

Shoulder Press & Alternatives

Shoulder Press