Tomorrow’s Hero workout is an intimidating thirty rounds.  You will do five wall balls, three handstand push ups, and one heavy power clean. You will want to choose a challenging weight on your clean and you will take on the workout with a partner.

The partner format will work as follows: one partner does a complete round and then the next partner. You will go back and forth until you complete or hit the time cap. Because you have a buddy, to work with, we want you to try and challenge yourself on each of the movements. Silk picked a challenging weight, and handstand progression and was able to power through all thirty rounds By herself. Make sure to give her a shout out in zen planner.

Zoomers you will need something to lift, a wall, couch, or box for handstand push ups, and something to use for thrusters. We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for another good hero wod.

Thought of the day

“Do one thing every day that scares you. Those small things that make us uncomfortable help us build courage to do the work we do.” – Eleanor Rossevelt

You may look at tomorrow as a big challenge and may even question your ability to do one or more of the movements (especially when you see thirty rounds). The key in workouts that scare you is just to take it one step at a time and one repetition at a time. Don’t worry about what is coming next, just focus on the present and what is in your control now.

This will be the second shout out to Silk, watching her focus and drive in this one was really something to behold. Don’t just do something that scares/ intimidates you in the gym. But be willing to grow and expand your comfort zone in your everyday life too.


Warm up

1 rnd (1 minute each)

Shoulder pass throughs

Inch worm plus push up

Leopard crawl

pvc OHS


Clean Drops


Wall Ball


Power Clean



30 Rnds

5 Wall Balls 14/20#


1 Power clean 155/225#

Cool Down

  • Leon