Classic hero workout today. This is a break from the heavy lifting, attacking some monostructural efforts. This workout should feel similar to a 5K run or row effort, and fall into the same time domain. Complete this workout in less than 27:00 minutes so that you can dial in your pacing. A great goal is to do each segment of this workout at a relatively consistent pace. Avoid starting at a sprint pace you can’t maintain in the first 1-mile run. Play to your strength, if you’re better at running, use the rower for the recovery and vice-versa. Intermediate athletes can do this workout as prescribed.


3:00 minute easy row/bike/ski erg

2 sets:

:30 seconds of:

5 dot drills using 5 dot agility mat

Leg swings: side to side then forward and back



For time:

1 Mile (1.6K) Run

2K Row

1 Mile (1.6K) Run


For time:

800 m Run

1K Row

800 m Run


:30s each of/side:

Calf stretch

Hamstring stretch using a band

Figure 4 stretch

Child’s pose