The first pillar of the Original Strength system is diaphragmatic breathing.  It’s also a great way to learn to pace workouts.  I managed to complete Hero WOD Loredo unbroken breathing only through my nose.  It made me more than a minute slower than last time but I held a steady 5 minute per round pace throughout.

Round 4 I became a bit panicked in the run and felt my emergency breathing muscles try to engage and bile rise up in my throat but I slowed my run, calmed myself and got everything back under control.  For a 6 round workout this is not a bad way of ensuring you pace the early round appropriately.

Warm up
1 min OS Push Up
1 min Marching
1 min Dragon Rock R + L
1 min Marching
1 min Full body rock
1 min Marching

HeroWOD Loredo
6 Rounds
24 Squats
24 Push Ups
24 Lunges
400m Run

Cool Down
Samson Lunge
Calf stretch
Quad Stretch
dragon Pose
Pigeon Pose