Mad Methods, Mad Gains

//Mad Methods, Mad Gains

Mad Methods, Mad Gains

Is it method or madness?  Random or intentional?  Was it planned or just coincidental?  Can we prove cause and effect?

CrossFit HQ went on a body weight programming spree that seemed to feature nothing but air squats, push ups and strict pull ups ad naseum.  We thought it was getting bad and then there came the L-Sits.

Excruciating, core destroying L-Sits.  And barely a barbell in sight.  We despaired.

Except perhaps for HeeHee & Blue who ruled the L-Sit hold with 35 and 47 second holds respectively.

What, we wondered, was the end game?  Could it have been preparing us for this?

Were we strengthening our core for the CrossFit Total?  Were we giving ourselves a break so we came rested to the barbell on test day?  Can we connect this long stretch of body weight boredom to our outstanding results on Friday’s CrossFit Total?

No one can say for sure.  What I can say is that it was my best Total in 5 years with my best back squat and deadlift in 2 years.  And I wasn’t alone.

Most of Fridays lifters scored a personal best in at least one of the lifts.  Many scored multiple personal bests!

All day Friday our Empower athletes were moving those barbells better than ever.

Super Mario surpassed Brick and Dangers as he posted the new Empower CrossFit Total record at 975lbs, only 25lbs away from the big 1000!

So was it because of the strange and unusual programming?

I can’t really say.  Something is certainly working at our Vancouver CrossFit gym.  I would like to believe that someone knows what they’re doing:)

Total Women Men
Over 100lbs Diamond, Zach
Over 200lbs Sho’can, Gymkata
Over 300lbs Boomer, HeeHee, Sentardilla, Riot, Hawkeye, Jedi, Tamahock, Shine, Sprite Multi-Sport
Over 400lbs Motor, Silk, G-Money, Dauntless, Sofi, FeProf, Fierce Skipper, Hammer, Doc Disc
Over 500lbs HHH, Hard Rock Crusher, Method Man, Punisher,
Over 600lbs Yeti, Road Warrior, AV, Smash, Electric
Over 700lbs Rowdy, Dr. T, Mufasa, The Heat
Over 800lbs Sandman, Big Cat, Mr. Fantastic
Over 900lbs Brick, Super Mario