On Tuesday you will take on this week’s make up day. Have a look in zen planner and any workout you missed from the last two cycles is fair game, you can work on a skill or try one of the additional options.  The two add ons for this week are:  a cal bike and wall ball and forty minutes of slips for those of you feeling sore after the long weekend.

Corey had a really good post this week (https://crossfitempower.com/the-fraser-effect-the-myth-of-perfection-busted/ ). I like the idea he shares from Dan John “can you go”. You may be tired, feeling stressed about back to school, and a little hung over.  But can you go? Your challenge, if life has been giving it to you, is to come in and put your best foot forward. We look forward to seeing you on zoom, in the open gyms, and in group classes.

Thought of the Day


While we are catching up on the programming, you may be really missing the second weekly make up day.  No need to fear we will be back on track very soon and the extra weekly make up day will be back too. In the mean time try using one or two of your workouts each week as a skill practice day.  For example, today I took on the fifteen minute amrap of twenty five toes to bar, fifty burpees, and seventy five wall ball (you will do this one with a partner).  Because I did not want to go hammy I did burpee box jump overs, and the toes to bar without grips or chalk.

These two modifications allowed me to slow down and be present on the skills I wanted to develop. If you need support and are unsure what you should practice, this week, talk to your coach. What technique will you invest time in over the week?


  1. Push Press



  1. 10 MU

100 Squats

10 MU

100 Cal Row


  1. 5rnds

400m Run

1 Legless Rope Climb

3 Rope Climbs


  1. 3-6-9-12-15-18-21-24-27-etc

Cal Airdyne

Wall balls 14/20#


  1. 40 Minutes Slips
  • Leon