The cure for all human disease?
– Lowers risk of many cancers by 24-50%
– Prevents and treat cardiovascular disease
– Reduces cold and flu infections by 755
– Prevents osteoporosis
– Alleviates depression and anxiety
– Delays or prevents Alzheimer’s
– Improves learning, memory, problem solving and concentration
– Makes you happier
– Reduces body fat, increase muscle mass
– Improves skin health
– Improves sleep
Too good to be true?  No, a daily dose of exercise has all these benefits.  The catch is you need to be consistent: a daily dose taken for life.

Life is full of choices: the discomfort and inconvenience of daily exercise or the inconvenience and discomfort of illness.  You choose.

Why would anyone choose to avoid exercise?
– Not enough time
– Not enough money
– Not enough motivation
– Not enough know-how
– Self Conscious
– Chronic Pain

Really I think the problem is that people let perfect get in the way of good.  Any training is better than none.  You don’t need a fancy membership, special equipment, the perfect program, the perfect gym gear or the perfect body to get started, you just need to get moving.  In fact, if there is one valuable lesson COVID taught us all, it is that we can stay fit and healthy and active all on our own even without access to gyms or equipment.  COVID has given us an opportunity to reclaim fitness!

Time: You Don’t Need as Much as You Think!
I manage to stay fairly fit for a 48 year old and yet most workouts at Crossfit Empower are 20 minutes or less.  Even 15 minutes a day is enough to move the needle a significant degree in the direction of good health.  Are you so busy you can’t manage 15 minutes of exercise a day?  A 4-minute Tabata interval will do the job in a pinch.  Optimal?  Maybe not, but better than nothing at all.  Remember, sustainable is far more important than perfect.

Money: Not Required
Squats, Lunges, Burpees, Push Ups, Sit Ups, Pull Ups, you can get a lot of mileage with nothing but your own body weight.  Is it as fun as playing with all the toys?  Maybe not, but these past few months we’ve gotten creative: rocks, logs, weighted backpacks, propane tanks, we’ve managed to keep workouts fresh without the benefit of any expensive equipment.  The Empower online workout library has almost 100 unique workouts complete with instructions on how to improvise without equipment.

Motivation: Stopped Believing in the Stuff
Motivation will abandon you on the first cloudy day that comes along.  Do you need motivation to get you to school or work every morning?  Are you motivated to brush your teeth?  Only consistency yields results and to be consistent exercise needs to be a habit that you prioritize.  You brush your teeth so they won’t rot out of your face.  Look again at the list of preventative benefits of exercise and tell me again why you can manage to prioritize tooth brushing once or twice a day but can’t seem to prioritize exercise.  I’m a lazy slug of a human being happier with a novel, a sketch book or a Netflix movie than in a sweaty workout which makes me an unlikely fitness coach.  Most fitness trainers are of that odd personality disorder that just loves to feel the burn.  Not me.  You’d think that would make me a poor candidate for this line of work but I think it’s the opposite.  The fact that a lazy slug like me can maintain this level of fitness late into life is a testament to how unimportant motivation is!

Know How: Saved by the Internet
These days there’s no shortage of information available.  What’s best?  I’d tell you CrossFit is the best fitness I have ever experienced.  But I’m also a fan of Original Strength.  And you can’t go wrong following the advice of Dan John.  Body Tribe puts out some solid stuff.  Kettlebell training is effective.  Any moving is better than the alternative: not moving.  So stop waiting for the perfect program, and get after whichever one lights you up the most because the most important factor is consistency and the better you like it, the more likely you are to be consistent.

Self-Conscious: We All Started Somewhere
Exercise at home in private if that works better for you.  Maybe it does.  But most of us find it easier to stay consistent when we feel connected to a community of other people pursuing similar fitness goals.  We all started as beginners; find a community like Empower where you are judged on effort, not ability.  We have members at every level as old as 87.  We’re all here on our own journey AND are happy to help you on yours, wherever it is you’re starting from.

Chronic Pain:  How’s Not Moving Working for You?
Guess what?  Exercise helps alleviate that too.  Folks are often surprised that after a few training sessions their chronic pain seems to disappear.  Moving is your elixir.  Your body heals through movement.  It’s designed that way.  The more you move, the better you will feel.

Stop waiting for the miracle pill, it is already here.  There is no good reason not to. There’s nothing to be afraid of.  You don’t have to view adopting an exercise program as a Herculean effort requiring hours of preparation and lots of invested capital.  Just get started where you are with what you have.  15 minutes per day isn’t a big ask.  Don’t go out and crush yourself so that you can’t move tomorrow.  Do what you can today and know that tomorrow you’ll be capable of just a little bit more.  Master consistency, everything else will come as a result of that!

Exercise, it’s a modern day medical miracle; supplies are unlimited, go get some today and enjoy reaping the benefits for the rest of your life!

Wall Ball, dumbbells, barbell or backpack

Warm Up
1 min Hanging Hold
1 min Squat Hold
1 min Lat Pull Ups
1 min DB Goblet Squat
1 min V-Ups
1 min DB Goblet Squat & Press

T2B, Knee raise or Hip Raise from Floor
Wall Balls or Thrusters

Wall Balls

Cool Down
1 min Scap Rock
1 min Cobra Rock
1 min Quad Stretch right
1 min Quad Stretch left
1 min Pigeon Pose left
1 min Pigeon Pose right