Meeting the Bar

//Meeting the Bar

Meeting the Bar

How do you avoid bruising in the clean?  Stay connected with the bar.  Meet the bar at its’ maximal height.  Relax your arms and don’t over pull the bar.

It takes practice to refine your timing on the clean but that’s what a day like today is for.  Use your practice time wisely and make sure you put enough weight on the bar to enforce the use of proper technique.  And yes, unless you have an injury-related movement restriction, we will be squat cleaning.

Of course, a good clean only gets you halfway there.  Today we’ll be emphasizing the split jerk for most lifters but whether you power jerk or split jerk, it is in the initial dip drive that things often go wrong.  Bruiser has video evidence of my recent lifts to demonstrate exactly how a lifter can be too hip dominant so that they lose position in the dip drive and end up with a poor jerk.