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New Year News

January News
1. Anniversary WOD
2. KidFit Expands
3. Powered Up Breakfast
4. Community WOD
5. Photo Shoot
6. Help Us Hit 100
7. Rate Change
8. Burpees Owing

Tuesday January 1st Anniversary WOD
Come help us celebrate the start of our 2nd year in our Jericho Village location with a fun team workout 9-11 am New Year’s Day!

KidFit Expands
We are excited to announce the addition of a KidFit group led by Coach HeeHee Saturdays at 11 am!
Please share the following schedule information with anyone you think will get value from our programs:

Monday Teensfit / 13-18 years old / 4-5 pm 8 weeks
January 14th – March 11th ( off for Family Day February 18th)

Tuesday Older KidsFit / 9-12 years old 4-5pm / 9 weeks
January 15th – March 12th

Wednesday Younger Kidsfit / 5-8 years old / 4-5pm / 9 weeks
January 16th – March 13th

Saturday New Kidsfit 6-11 years old 11am-noon / 8 weeks
January 19th – March 9th

Space is limited, please contact [email protected] to register or if you have any questions.

Powered Up Breakfast
Saturday January 12th 9-10am at CrossFit Empower
You’ve seen the results!  Clue & Hard Rock have been smashing the leaderboard.  Delta Nu has transformed into a lean machine.  Mufasa seems to vanish when he turns sideways.  And Dr. T’s pipes are bulging even as his waist shrinks.  Macros work!

Whether you want to create a new you in 2019 or are looking to power up for the CrossFit Open, Annie and Kate of Power Up Nutrition are ready to help.  They will be visiting to discuss nutrition and how they can help you as they’ve helped so many of us.  Food will be provided by TruLocal and Fed, meal delivery service.  Come join us!

Community WOD
Saturdays 9-10am starting January 19th.
As suggested at our Town Hall meeting, this fun, low-skill team workout is designed to accommodate CrossFitters and newcomers alike.  Bring your friends, bring your family (all ages) to this fun, free, weekly workout.  No limitations, no obligations.  Maybe after they’ve come for a few weeks, if they like our vibe, they might consider giving Empower a try.

Photo Shoot
We’re revamping our website and need new pictures of our new space and of our athletes to adorn it.  We’ll have photographers on site Saturday January 5th & Saturday January 19th helping us to capture our community and facility.  Please help us out by wearing bright colours and brighter smiles:)

Help Us Hit 100
Our membership has hovered in the mid 90’s the past two years with 99 members as our high water mark.  Break-even for our current space is 110 members.  We will start the New Year with 98 registered members, help us break 100 for a new gym record and watch Coaches The Touch & WOD Father celebrate with 100 burpees each!  How can you help?  Bring friends and family to our Saturday community WODs or help others find us online by giving us a review on Google like Showbiz and Patriot have done.  Tell the world what we do better than anyone else!

Rates Change
Over the years I’ve discovered one of the most unpleasant challenges facing a business owner is reconciling the wishes of my heart with the realities of the balance sheet.

Our first year in our new space has been a resounding success by every measure but one: the bottom line.  Even with bigger class sizes we’ve been filling up our space but we’ve so steeply discounted our couple and family rates that we’re failing to cover our operating costs even though we refrained from paying WOD Father a salary in 2018.

As of February first our couple/family rate will change to $225/family member on a 12-month contract ($2250/family member on the old annual contract).  Members currently under contract will not be affected until your current contract expires.

Our goal is to make the business sustainable, not to drive away valued members of our beloved community.  If the rate change will cause your family financial distress please come talk to us privately and we will discuss alternative arrangements.

Burpees Owing
If you have outstanding burpees, remember to get them paid off before they double January 1st or else The Touch & WOD Father may not be the only folks bringing in the New Year with 100 burpees!