Thought of the day

“You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want.”  Jeremy Mcgilvrey

When obstacles get in the way it is easy to focus on the things out of our control and even the negative seeming things. But sometimes the things in your way are a gift and opportunity for you to level up; especially, if your focus is in the right places.

Next time you are faced with a challenging movement, you don’t like, got a bad sleep or are cramping up from the meal you just ate pre workouts try to see the opportunity you have. Sometimes I have mild tendinitis in my elbows after jiu jitsu classes and these are typically my best clean days. This is because when my arms stay straight my elbows feel great but when they bend I get mild pain. This mild set back has helped improve my cleaning and have less early arm bend because it allows me to feel the arm bend.

Next time something is getting in the way think about what is most valuable to focus on and how this can make you better.


We did today’s workout back in 2018 (Med Ball Cleans & DU in zenplanner) have a look in the system for you previous score.  Tomorrow will be two technique movements please come in with any questions and prepared to overcome a challenge. We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.




Warm up

1 Rnds

10/10 Calf Raises

30/30 sec Side plank

20 alt Back Lunges

50 SU


Med ball Rugby passes

Plank soccer


Med ball clean



20 Minute AMRAP

20 Med ball Cleans 14/20#

60 DU

Cool Down

  • Leon