On Wednesday you will take on another twelve minute AMRAP of power snatches, cleans, and Double unders. We have done a few workouts like this one in the past but this is a new version. If you will be joining us on zoom bring an object to lift and if you have it a skipping rope bring it too. In the group class we will help you modify this one to get the right stimulus.

The weight for tomorrow is moderate for the snatch and light to moderate for the clean. Both movements will get your heart rate up for the Double unders. The target is between four to eight rounds. We will modify and/or use tomorrow as a skill practice day if needed.

Thought of the day

Reading and understanding can be two very important skills. On today’s workout I misread it as a clean and Jerk instead of the power clean.  At least my mistake made me a little bit fitter and I figured it out before coaching you. Have you ever had that experience of rushing through and not being present to what you are reading? This is one of the reasons why we tell group classes the workouts so many times. This way you will not make the same mistake.

Mistakes, break downs, and no reps will happen from time to time. What will you do today to learn from those moments and make sure they are fixed for next time? We look forward to seeing you tomorrow for another twelve minute workout.



Warm up

2 rnds (1 Minute each)

Shoulder pass throughs

Os Push up


Leopard crawl


Snatch drops


Power Snatch




12 Minute Amrap

2 Power Snatches 105/155

4 Power Clean 105/155

60 DU

Cool Down


  • Leon