On Tuesday you will get to take on the three way pull ups. It will be weighted, strict, and then kipping pull ups. You may have done this one before so double check zen planner to see if you have a score and any notes about the workout. For the scoring you will need the number of sets and total time to completion. We will spend time in the tech to help you figure out the right variations and we may tackle it as a team workout for some of you.

I was lucky to be able to do this one with Corey, two days after Ghd Annie. It was good to have someone to train with especially when resting between sets and when the weighted pull-ups started to feel heavy. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow and working on your pull ups.

Thought of the day


I liked Corey’s Post (https://crossfitempower.com/my-dungeons-dragons-adventure-or-how-i-learned-to-live/)  today about his dungeon and dragon’s character and it really made me question why more of us don’t thing about things in this way? As I have been scrolling through social media it seems like rather than taking responsibility some people want to blame someone else or make complaints about their circumstances. I get this but why put something on social media rather than becoming the hero you know you can be?

Circumstances for our hero will not always be easy, there will be miss steps, and mistakes but that should not stop you from trying to move toward your better self each day. Even while navigating circumstances out of your control. You still have the power to choose who you would like to be and how you want to respond to adversity. When we were pregnant with Makenna I was going to university and was unemployed. When she was born I quit school and worked three jobs. Now I am fortunate to be a part owner of a gym in Kitsilano and do what I love every day for work. These things don’t happen overnight but with a little adventuring and courage your next step can look very different than your last.



Warm up

2 rnds

10 shoulder pass throughs

5 Lat pull ups or bent over rows

10 os push ups

5 False grip ring rows or bent over rows


Pull ups



10 rounds

3 Weighted pull ups 30/45#

5 strict pull ups

7 Kipping pull ups

Cool down

  • Leon