RICE No More

//RICE No More

RICE No More

RICE is not nice.  Not when it comes to healing sports injuries.  The acronym coined by Dr. Gabe Mirkin in 1978 became the standard treatment protocol for injuries: Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate.

Studies have since indicated that Resting and Icing actually prolongs injury by restricting blood flow to the injured area resulting in slower healing times.  Maybe word has not gotten out yet or maybe people just hold tightly to habit but in the face of contrary evidence Dr. Mirkin, in his blog, recognizes that inflammation is part of the healing process and that ice delays inflammation thus interfering with our bodies’ natural healing mechanism.

Kelly Starrett to his credit was on this already 4 years ago and his Youtube video above changed forever my protocol for dealing with injury. Movement is best.  If you are injured, keep moving.  Or as my father’s generation used to say: “walk it off”.  It sounded stupid and macho back then but it turns out there was wisdom in those words.  Light, low intensity activity is one of the best ways to get blood flow to the injured tissue.

This does not mean that you push through pain.  Light, pain-free movement is the path to healing.  Come in and do the WOD but slow it down, use lighter weights and stay within a pain-free range of motion.  I jokingly call this barbell yoga.

Leave the ice in the freezer and whatever you do, do not stop moving!