Thought of the day

“You have power over your mind- Not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” – Marcus Aurelius

Have you ever been so focused on thinks outside of your control that is takes you out of the here and now? We live in a wonderful time; we can connect with people like never before, work from home, and be aware of things happening around the world in real time.  But with constant updates, emails, and news feeds it’s hard to be present in the moment and even harder to let go of the things out of our control.

As I started writing today’s post I became aware of just how distracted I was. There was a movie on in the back ground, I am responding to emails, and thinking of sessions I have this afternoon and evening. I was not very present with the process of writing and getting the blog post done. The solution was putting on a timer, paused the movie, and being in the process of writing.

Your Challenge today is to set a timer, and take time to be present in what this moment holds for you. No emails, texts, news reports or other inputs, just you and the task at hand.  We look forward to seeing you tomorrow for a make up day workout.




  1. Back Squat



  1. Maxton

13 Rnds

8 Strict pull ups

26 Alt Step ups

21 Burpees


  1. 7 x 4 minute rounds

200m run ( rest time remaining)

Score= average


  1. Mob wod

30 minute AMRAP

10 Alt Db/KB TGU

60 sec Bar hang

50 Ft Double DB/KB OH Lunges

30 sec Rope Hang

10 Double Db/KB OHS

60 sec DB/KB Plank Hold


  1. 30-20-10


Double KB Rack Lunges (Metres)

– Leon