This Saturday will be another Make-up day and you will have the opportunity to do a workout that you missed during the last three days, develop a skill, or try the Make-up day special 100 overhead squats workout.

For those of you on zoom, please check the options below and come with a plan.


See you all on the zoom, in group classes or in the 11:00 am open gym.


Big Cat


Front Squat


12 minutes AMRAP
9 DB Deadlifts @40/60
6 Burpees
3 DB Power Cleans @40/60


5 rounds
50 seconds row/10 seconds rest
40 seconds row/20 seconds rest
30 seconds row/30 seconds rest
20 seconds row/40 seconds rest
10 seconds row/50 seconds rest


Make-up day special
100 OHS @65/95# (no more than 50% of 1RPM)
Complete 20 AbMat sit-ups every time you break
Score = number of sets to complete 100 reps