This Sunday’s workout provides us with a great chance to work on our pulling and pushing strength.


Have you ever looked at a workout and felt overwhelmed and not so inspired to tackle it?  The muscle- up in Sunday’s workout is one of those movements that can leave even the most seasoned veteran feeling discouraged.  However, a simple approach to the developmental steps of this movement can lead to mastery.  While the muscle-up may be classified as a high ranking official, its lower ranks get the job done too, and quite well!  As a movement it is a combination of a pull-up and a push-up with a transitionary dip thrown in.  An act of beauty to watch in execution.    Its presence in workouts highlights for us the functional life skill of being able to pull ourselves up and push ourselves off the floor.   Simple but crucial acts of life.   A modification to consider for the muscle-up is a burpee pull-up, where you push yourself off the floor and jump you into a chin up over the bar.  There are multiple options that one can use on the road to muscle-up acquisition and we’ll find the right one for you this Sunday. . We’ll also dial in our squats and rowing.   Let’s leave the gym stronger and more fit than when we walked in.  Simple. Sunday. Fare.

WOD 9.5.2021

Warm Up:


1 minute each x 2 rounds

Full body rocks

Hamstring roll-outs

Banded pull-aparts

Cross crawl squats


Muscle-up transition EMOM 5

Tech and WOD Focus:

Muscle-Up: Skill vs Strength development

Air Squat



For Time:

10 Muscle-ups

100 Air squats

10 Muscle-ups

100 Calorie row

Cool Down:

On the slow and steady :30 of:

Bird Dogs

Hands and knees rocks

Dead Bugs

Windshield wipers

Lying hamstring stretch (each side)

Commando breathing

Shades (Motor is on the loose this weekend)