Last year’s 2018 CrossFit Open Intramural Team competition was a blast but with 2 Opens in 2019 we wanted to make each event distinct by creating a different game.  Team competition will return in the fall but our first competition will be about individual mano-a-mano competition as we borrow an idea from The Truth:

Call out your friend, rival, coach or that one man or woman who perennially reigns atop the leaderboard.

Each week issue or receive your challenge and go head-to-head against your opponent.  Not as fast as Sandman?  Not to worry.  As in golf, a handicap will be set based on relative strengths.  So if, as WOD Father predicts, last year’s 18.4 event is the repeat event this year and Sandman scored 25 reps more than you, his handicap is 25.  In other words, to win, Sandman must beat you this year by 26 reps or more in order to win the challenge.

1) The spirit of the handicap challenge is to create a fun, community atmosphere and encourage interaction between members, registered competitors must accept challenges or take the 50 burpee buy-out.

2) Challenges are only open to registered 2019 CrossFit Open competitors

3) You can only have one challenge opponent per week.  If you have already accepted a challenge or if you have challenged someone and been accepted, you cannot accept more challenges.

4) You may not challenge any individual more than once [sorry, other people probably want a chance to beat Sandman]

5) Challenges must be made and registered BEFORE the week’s workout is announced Thursday night at 5pm

6) AFTER the event is announced opponents need to agree on the terms of their handicap.  In cases of disagreement Sprite will act as arbiter.  Remember, it won’t be perfect, we’re doing this in the spirit of fun and community.

7) The defeated can choose the somewhat embarrassing option of running once around the 400 meter route wearing an item from SILK’s box of mysterious humiliations or the slightly more painful, and infinitely less entertaining option, of the 50 burpee buy out.

8) We’ll figure the rest out as we go.  Remember, it is all in the spirit of fun and this is Sprite’s first stab at organizing an entertaining community event.  Don’t let your competitive dark side suck the joy out of life by taking this too seriously!  We’ll take what we learn from this event and improve upon it for future iterations.

Hypothetically this is how it will play out; say I, Sprite, call out The Touch on workout 19.1. The workout RX’d is a 20 min time cap of 21-15-9 Bar Muscle Ups and Handstand Push Ups. The Scaled version 19.1 is Pull Ups and Hand-Release Push Ups.

The Touch and I will agree that he needs to get through all reps 1.5 minutes faster than me or finish 15 reps ahead of me in order to win.  If I finish only 30 seconds behind him, I win and The Touch must take a run around the block wearing Silk’s purple pimp hat.  On the other hand, if The Touch finishes with 17 reps more than me, it will be me running around Jericho Village wearing the Dr. Seuss hat.

Please notify your judges of these handicaps including your opponent’s name and whether you’re competing scaled or RX’d. Also notify Sprite via the sign-up sheet that will be posted each week, who you will be challenging.

Remember, the point of these games is not to see your competitor destroyed, crying in the corner (unless it’s Sandman, in which case that is most certainly the goal). The point is for everyone to be the best they can be.  All that matters is the effort given in that single moment.  We at Empower support you in improving yourself and enriching your life with the fun, community-driven events that will unfold throughout the five weeks to come.

Sign up here  to put your 100% in action.

Contact me at [email protected] or discuss with your coach if you have any concerns regarding competing in the Open.