Sprite is calling you out for the 2019 CrossFit Open!

The 1st Crossfit Open of 2019 starts February 21st 2019. Hope you are getting psyched up and registering to compete.  All levels can participate provided you have at least 12-months CrossFit experience. Whether you’re just joining for the fun factor or signing up to compete with the world, everyone is welcome to the fun, family BBQ-potluck happening each Saturday morning.  Bring your family and friends to cheer you on, watch the events and eat some good food.

No Vancouver CrossFit gym does the Open like Empower!  We put our own original fun twist on it and create a very special family-friendly community event that brings members from all the various time zones together to celebrate friends, family and fitness.  Join the fun and sign up.  Competition runs from February 21st until March 25th. Each week test your mental toughness and be the best you. NO expectations, NO limitations, break through to a higher level of performance and watch others do the same.  The excitements unfolds for five weeks.

Judges needed… CROSSFIT EMPOWER needs judges!  It is an easy, inexpensive course.  Every competitor should certify so you can help judge fellow competitors.  Get certified here.

Every Saturday for 5 weeks starting February 23rd will be devoted to the Open.  Time slots will be scheduled as determined by the workout announced each Thursday night.  Heats will run all morning from approximately 8am-11am.  Whether you are a registered competitor or just coming to do the WOD for fun, be sure to show up 20 minutes before your scheduled heat in order to warm up.  Your workout will start at precisely the time you have selected. There will be a devoted warm up and cool down area to make sure nobody is stretching under flying barbells.  All participants are expected to familiarize themselves with movement standards for each workout scaled or RX’d.

Nervous?  Not sure about competing for the first time?  Wondering what CrossFit competition looks like?  Check out the video above to see how much fun we have.  It’s exactly like doing a workout in class but with more people cheering for you and a BBQ-potluck breakfast awaiting you at the finish line:)

Not ready to compete yet?  No problem.  Come on out and do the WOD alongside the competitors.  You’ll still get the same workout and the same fun, along with the cheering and the BBQ-potluck breakfast!

What’s a Saturday Open Event look like?
1) Register online for your time slot (Let’s say you choose 8:40am)
2) If you’re a competitor, arrange a qualified judge to be there for you Saturday at 8:40am.  If you’re not competing, no judge required.
3) Study the workout and movement standards announced Thursday night at CrossFitGames.com and posted on the Empower blog Friday.afternoon.
4) Arrive Saturday morning at 8:20am
5) Put your food contribution on the potluck table or give it to the Grill Master
6) Get warmed up in the warm up area
7) At 8:40am complete your workout with other members in your scheduled heat
8) Go get some food from the grill and food table and cheer on the 9:00am heat as they battle through the WOD you just finished.

All competitors and judges must register with Sprite at [email protected] on or before February 21st if you wish to have your scores validated by your Empower Affiliate.