Today’s Empower Experience is brought to you by T-1000 who joined the gym in the summer of 2020.  At that time, her gym had been shut down permanently by the pandemic and she was recovering from an ankle injury. The injury made it hard for her to squat or jump but she was determined to “get back”. For months she battled away at workouts adapted around her needs and joined us on Zoom when we faced another shut-down.

T-1000 was unwavering in her mission and her efforts have paid off.  Today you’d never know what she went through when you see her lifting heavy weights, repping out handstand push-ups and busting out double-unders at breakneck speed.

Way to go T-1000!  Consistency and patience breed success as you’ve shown! So glad you joined us at Empower and we look forward to checking out your continued endeavours!

Rock on my friend!

Here is her story:

What brought you to CrossFit?

I started CrossFit in June 2018 at West 10th. I was looking for a sport that would keep me entertained.

I get easily bored if I must do the same exercises over and over. I did a lot of different sports

(Judo, Track, Rugby, American football), but never got good at any of them because I’d give up before

really getting into it.

I enjoy CrossFit because every day is different, the movements are diverse and their combination

makes it even more exciting. I came to Empower in September 2020 and I started with Athletics classes.

At that time, I was dealing with a long injury, and I wanted to make sure I would not push myself

too much, while still working very hard on the cardio.


What was your first impression?  How has it changed?

It was sooooo hard. I started at West 10th doing the 6am class and was not properly eating after.

I was nauseous all morning and feeling sleepy at work.  It took me awhile to figure it out but once I

got everything together, wow the feeling is amazing! I now train at 7am because I can

manage my work schedule a bit better 🙂

The change between the two gyms was a bit hard at the beginning: new people, in the middle of

Covid so no real interaction was possible, but I am super happy to be at Empower now!

What was your first bright spot (win/positive experience)?

I would say that every first is a bright spot. My first double unders, my first handstand push-ups

(I worked hard to get them!).

I am looking forward to the day I can finally  do a pull-up :X

I was also super happy that The Touch asked me to be on his team with Still Water for

the Covid Games! The rest is history 😀

What are you working on now?

I was working on my lifting and started a 6 week program and I am doing less cardio WOD

than before. I recently registered for my first triathlon in March so I will have to change my

programming soon if I want to be able to finish it! That’s what I will work on for the next few months.

What’s your favourite Empower memory so far?

It’s hard to choose! But I enjoy teasing Motor every time I can, so almost every day 😀