“CrossFit Empower is a special and welcoming community.  The coaches are extremely knowledgeable, and excellent at tailoring the workouts to each individual.  My husband and I had no idea what CrossFit was when we first joined 5 years ago, but have grown to love the variety of the workouts and the fun, challenging, and encouraging environment.  We are stronger now in our 40’s than we have ever been in our lives!” 

-Tamara “Tamahock” Tang

“Prior to joining CrossFit Empower five years ago, I had never engaged in any consistent fitness activity.  Having heard of Crossfit’s reputation as a pursuit for advanced athletes, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up.  I joined anyway and haven’t looked back since. I have found Crossfit Empower to be a home to athletes of all levels with a great sense of community.   I have benefited in so many ways through better functional fitness. As a busy working mom, it is important to me to set an example to my daughters that fitness is important, that you should feel comfortable in your body and what it can do, and that women can be strong.  The coaches at Crossfit Empower genuinely care about seeing their members reach their fitness goals and they continue to help me set and reach new ones. ” 

-Priscilla “Peril” Wong

“I have been doing Crossfit for over 4 years now, and I started well into my 50s. Now, many people will tell you that “Crossfit is for young people” or that “it is too hard on the body as you get older” or that “it leads to injuries”. I can tell you that nothing is further from the truth. Done properly,  Crossfit prevents injuries, increases strength, endurance and agility; important things as you age. Crossfit Empower has more clients in their 50s, 60s, and beyond, than most other Crossfit boxes anywhere. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable about the middle age (and older) athlete, and how to train them expertly.  The community feel and friendly atmosphere are amazing at Crossfit Empower. You will feel right at home immediately, and this will enable you to attain your fitness and health goals”.

-Rob “Mr. Fantastic” Stenstrom, MD

“I was floundering a few years ago. At the suggestion of my favourite person, I tried Crossfit. For me, the entire program – functional movement in a community environment – provided an answer. Crossfit Empower provided me with a platform to improve my body and mind. That makes my life more enjoyable to live.”

-Leo “Mufasa” Raffin

“I was interested in the Crossfit program for years for the quality and variety of workouts. When I found CF Empower, I knew it was the right gym. Amazing workouts aside, it’s about the people. The coaches and fellow members make for a fun, friendly atmosphere for all levels (and ages?).”

-RC aka “Magnum”

“Crossfit Empower is one of the best things that have ever happened to me.  Before joining Crossfit empower, I was not fit and in-shape. Since joining Crossfit empower, my fitness level has improved significantly – there are many exercises/movements that I never thought I could ever do.   The secret to Empower’ s success is the coaches, community and values. The training atmosphere is second to none – the coaches are excellent and always there to motivate you in a caring way and at the same time teach you the proper way to do the movement safely.  Everyone is encouraging and helpful no matter your fitness level – it is truly a very special place!”

-Stanley “Skipper” Tang

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