The Other Side of Terror

//The Other Side of Terror

The Other Side of Terror
“God placed the best things in life on the other side of terror.”

Thanks Mom for sharing this video!  Will Smith is great!  He is the first person who has made me want to jump out of an airplane.

Fear is never found in action.  Before the WOD I may be afraid but once I’m in it, I’m in it, there is no room for fear.  That’s what I love about competing, CrossFit or Judo.  It may be hard to sleep the night before, hard to eat breakfast the day of, but once the WOD or the fight begin there is a stillness inside, a quiet that my mind rarely enjoys in day to day life.  And it does feel like I’m flying.

Real fights happen that way too.  Before there is fear.  Human violence is a scary and disturbing thing.  But once the fight is on all that anxiety goes away.  The worst has happened and now your only job is to survive.  There is no room for second thoughts or self doubt, just a challenge to overcome.  Without a safety net it is do or die.  That may sound scary to think about but when you are in action, it is a very peaceful place to exist.

Why willingly put yourself through such terror?  Because on the other side is bliss.  The people cowering on the safe side of life never get to experience true joy and happiness, they never get to fully experience the gift that life is.  Always ask yourself what am I afraid of?  Where are my fears holding me back?  And then charge right at them knowing they are the only thing standing between you and your bliss!