On Thursday you will be able to take on eight one minute rounds of Muscle ups and Clean/ Jerks. The format is very Tabata style. You will be working for twenty second and resting and transitioning to the other movement during your ten seconds of rest.  I have a vision in my head of having pairs sharing equipment but if we are unable to organize; two heats will be an option.

I was feeling a bit sore after Hero workout Cameron. Because of this I did heavy barbell bent over rows and push ups for my Muscle up and used dumbbells for the clean and Jerks. If you are in the same camp tomorrow we will spend time finding a variation that will work for you. It may not be your hardest version of the Muscle up but you will still put in some good work. We look forward to seeing you.

Thought of the Day

Ninety percent is showing up.

Some of you may be feeling tired with the change of seasons, stressed with increase workloads, and even bogged down with back to school (and pro d days).  With all this going on all you need to do to stay on track, for your fitness Journey, is show up and keep showing up.

A year from now you will not care that you were cranky going into your session, you will just be glad that you kept the habit alive and got a positive start to the day and time to learn and work on yourself. The gym, some days, maybe the one place you get to forget about the stresses of life and just play. All this good things start with showing up even on the cloudy and cold days.


Warm up

1 minute each

Shoulder Pass throughs

Squat holds


Get ups

PVC Front squats


Ring Rows

Bar hang

Lat pull ups

Support hold

Beat swing



Clean Drops

MU transitions

Station set up


8x 1 minute round

20 secs MU

10 secs Rest

20 sec Clean and Jerk 95/135#

10 secs Rest


Cool down

  • Leon