On Tuesday after the long weekend you get to take on three five minute rounds. The workout will consist of farmers carry, deficit push ups and dumbbell squats. Each round starts with a two hundred meter farmer carry and with the time remaining, in your five minute window, you will AMRAP the two other movements. Your score will equal your total rounds and reps of deficit push-ups and dumbbell squats.

If you were off for the long weekend this is a great one to get you back on track. With the light weight you should be able to do the farmers carries unbroken and with ease. The deficit push-ups may be the sticking point for most of you. If you will be joining on zoom have an object for weighted carries ready to go. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Thought of the day

Does anyone love eating turkey?

I have had many conversations and the loud majority tend to not be that into turkey. It has made me think how many things do we do because of tradition and not really question? For the non turkey lovers, what would be a new tradition you can create that would be more delicious and bring more joy?


As we grow and Change it’s interesting to take a look at what we have done and see if we should continue to do these same things. Are there other traditions in your life that may not be working for you anymore?




Warm up

2 rnds (1 minute each)

Inch worm

Back lunges

Full body rock

Hollow to superman roll


Plank soccer


Farmers carry

Push ups



3x 5 minute rounds

200m DB Farmers carry 25/35#

Then amrap with time remaining

10 DB Push ups

10 DB Squats 25/35#

2 minute rest between rounds

Cool down

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