On Tuesday we will be back to a more regular Make up day schedule. You will be able to choose from one rep max Thrusters, Kelly, Heavy Grace, skill practice, and the make up day options. The two additional options will be Empower Reset # 14 and team series 16.8. Have a look down below and choose you next move wisely.

Thought of the day

Kidsfit and Teensfit will be back the week of October 18th! If you would like more details on times, days, and how to sign up please email me [email protected]. As always if you know someone that can benefit from our programs please share my contact information.

Now that we are talking about Kidsfit, we would like to add more times and programs. If you or anyone you know is fun, capable, and passionate about working with kids and/or teens please let us know. It is very rewarding and a great experience to make a positive difference in others lives. I am at the point now that I can’t do it allow and would love to see the next generation get more hi value and quality coaching.



  1. Thruster



  1. Kelly

5 rnds

400m Run

30 box jumps 20/24”

30 Wall Balls 14/20#


  1. Heavy Grace

30 Clean and Jerks

Post weight used in notes


  1. Empower Reset #14

1 min Belly Breathing Face-Down

30/30 sec Head Nods/Rotations


3 mins

20 Cross-Touch Bird Dog

10 Elevated Rocks


3 mins

10 Egg Rolls

20 Cross Touch Dead Bugs


4 Rounds

Hands & Knees Box Crawl

Leopard Box Crawl


3 mins

10 Alt Sit Throughs

10 Full Body Rocks


1 min Ring Plank Hold

400m Overhead Plate Carry @15/25#


  1. Team series 16.8

12 Min Amrap

30 Du

15 power snatches


  • Leon