Empower Power Couples Challenge: Couples That Play Together, Stay Together
This month we will answer the age old burning question: Who is the fittest Empower couple?

To do so we have programmed 4 events to test your speed, stamina, strength and coordination!  We will release one event each Sunday and you have until the following Saturday to complete the workout with your partner in an open gym or make up day and submit your score.  Judges recommended but not required.

If you don’t have a partner at Empower, team up with a friend and participate in the “Swinger’s Division”.  The workouts are scalable to all levels so everyone can participate. 

Sunday Synchronized Sprint Cindy
Our Sunday Launch event was well attended with 5 teams contending for top spot.

Our first event, Synchronized Sprint Cindy was an 8 minute AMRAP of 5 push ups or 10 knee push ups, 10 ring rows and 15 squats.  All movements had to be synchronized at top and bottom with your partner. 

The Train Fitness team was on hand with some prizes and their fun Fitness app that counts reps.  Teams enjoyed putting the app to the test!  It looks like it could become another favourite gadget among Crossfitters!

DT & Rocket in the Cougar Division took top spot with 8+9

Smash & HHH were close behind with 8+4

Motor & Special Guest scored 6+6

Adagio & Dauntless had 5+31

Pepper & Iron Man managed 5+9

You have until Saturday October 16th to submit your scores for EPCC 21.1.  You can complete the workout in open gyms or on a make up day (including turkey Monday).  The second event will be announced next Sunday October 17th.

Turkey Day Special
Monday we are going to celebrate and recover from celebrating the long weekend by starting together with an advanced reset and finishing with your choice of short partner workout.

Advanced Reset
1 min Belly Breathing
30/30 sec Head Nods/Rotations

1 min Heads-up Cross Touch Dead Bugs
1 min Egg Rolls
1 min Windshield Wipers
1 min Rocking Chairs

3 mins Frog Rolls

25ft Inchworm
25/25ft Forward/.Backward Bear Crawl
25/25ft Forward/Backward Crab Walk

25/25ft Forward/Backward Leopard Crawl

3 mins Twister

5 mins
Bar Hang Shuffle
Basic/Advanced Wall Crawl

2 mins
Basic Forward Roll

3 mins

Rolling Get Ups/Candlesticks

Monday WOD Choices:

A. Event #1: Synchronized Sprint Cindy
8 min AMRAP
5 Synchronized Push Ups
10 Synchronized Ring Rows
15 Squats

Movement Standards & Modifications
Push Ups: partners must make chest contact and lock out in plank position at same time (optional sub 10 knee push ups)
Ring Rows: heels aligned with rig uprights, both partners must pause at full extension and at ring contact with locked out legs and core at same time
Squats: to a med ball, both partners contact ball and reach full extension at same time (optional sub 25 box squats @20”)


B. Sprawl Ball-Medball Sit Up-Medball Run
10 Min AMRAP  (partner)
10/10 sprawl balls
10/10 med ball sit ups
400m med ball carry