This Optimize Me Instagram post is a thought-provoking infographic about how to get the most bang for your buck nutritionally but personal experiences tells me there is more to this weight gain story than first meets the eye.

The post begs the question, “Why do we eat the way we eat?” Why do we choose the croissant over the plate of eggs? It’s unlikely that it’s lack of dietary knowledge. More often it is lifestyle stresses that lead to these choices.  Some common reasons: “I have not shopped.”  “I arrived at a meeting hungry and breakfast was a basket of baked goods.”  “I don’t have time to cook a full breakfast before work.” “I always grab a pastry and coffee at 10am.”   Fact: Choosing a croissant is pretty simple.  The egg plater, is another story as one must shop and prepare, not grab and go on the fly.  Making sustainable nutritional changes requires us to re-work our reasons for our food choices. Are we willing to make different choices?  We may not even appreciate what motivates us and the impact it is having on our health.  If you have a minute to spare and wish to gain some more insight into the matter, try this exercise as a first step:

First ask yourself: “Am I happy with the way I am eating?  Do I think it could be better? Do I want it to be better?” If the answer is yes to any of these questions, proceed to the next simple step:

Set a timer for 1 minute and brainstorm what the obstacles are that are holding you back from eating well. Here are some common roadblocks that get brainstormed for action:

I live in a household with others who want junk food. I go grocery shopping on my way home from work when I’m hungry and tired and just buy what suits.  I must eat out for work.  I never pack a lunch and don’t even own a lunch container. It seems like too much work. I’m not sure what to really eat, I just eat. I find the topic of nutrition boring. I need to live and don’t want to be constrained.  

Hold onto this data.  Now we have something to work with.

The first step to bringing about change is to identify what is not working for us. Building on this process, we can figure out how to take the first simple step towards change.  More on that next week.


On to tomorrow’s interval workout from Leon!


Warm Up:

Med ball passes




Row: Rest

Declining Intervals

5 Rounds

50 secs Row: 10 secs Rest

40 seconds Row: 20 sec rest

30 sec row: 30 sec rest

20 sec row: 40 sec rest

10 sec row: 50 sec rest


50 sec burpees: 10 sec rest

40 sec burpees: 20 sec rest

30 sec burpees: 30 sec rest

20 sec burpees: 40 sec rest

10 sec burpees: 50 sec rest

Cool Down