Today’s Empower experience is brought to you by the force that is Yeti, an Empower member since 2013.  He has an engine that is super hard to beat and is possesed with mass grit as evidenced by his unbeatable 4 minute bar hang.  Also,  impressive is the time he has put into bringing up his overhead squat which is not an easy movement to tackle on the regular at 5am, which is where you can find the lad without fail!  Hail Yeti! Thanks so much for sharing your story. Readers, check it out below.

What brought you to CrossFit?

I had heard about CrossFit from a hockey teammate after a game one night.  He was talking about flipping tires and how hard these workouts were.  One day very soon after Corey had opened the Dunbar location, I stopped in.  He might have been having a party or something. I remember he was wearing overalls and a straw hat.  I agreed to do the free introduction and signed up as soon as I was finished.  I remember I had to run around the block with a 20lb medicine ball among other things and I was immediately intrigued.

What was your first impression? How has it changed?

My first impression was how welcome I felt.  Corey didn’t have very many clients at the time and the business was new, so sometimes I was in a group class all alone.  He would keep the gym open late so I could come and do a workout even though no one else was there.  This was after he had walked 5 km to work and coached for 13 hours before I arrived.  I was really impressed with his work ethic and as more and more people joined it became really fun.

(old gym pics)

I tend to get bored of things easily but after 9 years I have never felt that way about CrossFit.  I am not as excited about the workouts as I once was but I am positive that you can’t find a better, more efficient way to get completely fit.  It translates to skiing, paddle boarding, biking, hockey but most importantly keeping up with my kids.  It opens doors for crazy ideas like: Dr. T convincing me to run a half marathon in May or do a bike ride to Whistler in September.  None of these things would be possible without the CrossFit base.  Also, I tell my kids they are not allowed to call me old until they can beat me in a 100m race, and I am still undefeated so I need to keep the streak alive.

What was your first bright spot (positive experience/win?)

There have been so many positives over the years.  The problem is they are all in the past tense.  My first bar muscle up, ring muscle up, #310 lbs deadlift are all things I am very proud of.  Lately I would say I am very proud of the fact that I have been able to train throughout the whole pandemic.  The actual training itself isn’t going great right now but I still show up.

What are you working on now?

Now I am working on getting healthy, my back has been bothering me so I have had to scale most workouts and it’s really frustrating.  The Touch has been great about keeping me engaged in classes and making sure I stay safe.  I thought I should say something nice about him.  I have been constantly bugging him about how he makes every workout harder and then puts it in his notes.  We have changed his name to “Two Chains” at 5 am because he uses chains to do squats.

What’s your favourite Empower memory so far?

I appreciate being asked to write this because it has given me a chance to reflect on my time at Empower.  There are so many memories I wouldn’t know where to start.  I love beating Smash in a workout and then texting him about it during the day while we both should probably be working.  It is the best when Road Warrior gets on a roll with stories or jokes.  Lightning’s dad jokes and Boomer’s reaction to them is priceless.  I like watching the Touch come out of a sleepy fog halfway through the 5am and start quoting old movies that none of us have seen.  I appreciate our leader Dr. T organizing bike trips, ski adventures and of course coffee stops.  I am grateful I get to start every morning with friends, a workout and a coffee and I always leave with a smile on my face.  One thing that will always make me laugh is when I am in the middle of a workout that is hard and I stop to catch my breath and The Touch will often quietly say “Francesca (my daughter) called and said stop being a little…..”  I’ll leave it there as it’s a family blog.

I will finish by saying a big thanks to Corey for keeping the doors open over the last two years.  We just show up and have fun, but I am sure it has been tough on you and we all appreciate it very much.  I think that compliment should be enough for you to leave Road Warrior alone the next time the WOD has push ups.

High five!