You Know Squat

//You Know Squat

You Know Squat

Or you should know squat.  It is a fundamental movement pattern that we are required to do to get through daily life whether or not you train it.  It is alarming how many people do it incorrectly.  We’re not being knit-picky here, poor squat mechanics will lead you to a whole host of problems!  I can’t count how many members have come to us with pre-existing knee problems only to have symptoms vanish once we corrected their squat.

Travelling around the world I’ve seen people loading up barbells with heavy weights to back squat or front squat with incorrect mechanics.  When I’ve approached them to warn them of the risks they’re taking with knee health they have admitted to having chronic knee pain.

Today’s workout has a few rope climbs plus 250 squats.  This is an opportunity to practice great mechanics.  Don’t just race through with sloppy form, take the time to do good quality squats.  And if 250 seems like a lot to you, you need to be squatting more, this should be a short, fast sprint.

Mastering the basics is key to your success in CrossFit and in life.  I like most of the above WOD Prep video as it does a great job of illustrating where the knees should be tracking.  I do not agree with the bit near the 6-minute mark where they suggest beginners start with feet facing forward.  Toes turned out 30 degrees works better for most beginners.  Keep working those basics!